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Chapter 292: Gong Jue Testing Medicine

Gu Qiqi was prepared to be blamed by Gong Jue for not using her card.

She definitely couldnt say that she forgot to bring it this time…

Then, she would say…

As she was drafting an excuse in her heart, she pushed open the door and saw that Xiao Bei was still awake and waiting in the dining room.

Gu Qiqi looked around.

Eh, could it be that the man with erectile dysfunction had showered so early and was in a lazy posture on the bed

“Sister, are you looking for Brother-in-law He had something on just now and left the house.

He told you not to wait for him and to sleep first.”

Gu Qiqi blushed.

Seriously, even the blind Xiaobei could actually guess that she was thinking of him as soon as she entered the room.

How embarrassing.


What did you do at home today”

Sure enough, Xiaobeis attention was diverted and he said happily, “Brother-in-law hired a tutor for me.

Today, I did a comprehensive IQ test.

He said that my level isnt bad and that I dont have to go to a blind school.

I can study high school like a normal person… Sister, Im too happy.

Brother-in-law is such a good person!”

Study like a normal person…

Hearing Xiao Beis simple wish, Gu Qiqis eyes reddened.

When boys her age were playing soccer and games, comparing whose girlfriend was prettier and whose shoes were more luxurious, her younger brother was extremely happy to be able to study.

She suddenly thought of Yun Qiaos younger brother.

They were both younger brothers, but that boy only knew how to mess around all day.

He didnt do his job well and was even spoiled by his family until he was lawless.

He even urged his parents to sell Yun Qiao in exchange for money for him to squander.

In comparison, although her younger brother was blind, he was much more responsible!

She went up and hugged Xiaobei.

“Hes just helping you open a door.

You have to walk your own path in the future.

All the best, Xiaobei!”

As the siblings spoke, their phones rang.

Upon seeing that it was Gong Jue, Gu Qiqi walked upstairs to answer the call.

“You bought the clothes”


“Stupid woman!”

“But I bought a pearl brooch.

Those clothes arent as nice as the ones you picked.”

The latter half of the sentence successfully satisfied Gong Yue.

The mans tone softened.


Ill take you to choose them when I return.”

But soon, he became unhappy.

“Why didnt you use my card to buy the pearl brooch”

Gu Qiqi was at a loss for words.

After holding it in for a long time, she said, “Because its too cheap… Also, I footed the bill with your shirts.

I cant spend your money to buy something for you.

That would be too boring.”

Gong Jues eyes lit up.

He suddenly laughed softly.

“You bought me a shirt You know my size”

“Of course I know.

Arent you…” Halfway through her words, Gu Qiqis face flushed red.

Why did she feel that Gong Jue was teasing her on purpose

“Idiot, Im hanging up!”


Wait for me to return.” Gong Jue was in a good mood and hung up the call.

Gu Qiqi didnt know if it was her imagination, but she seemed to have heard a gentle and elegant female voice calling out to him from the background of the call.

“Jue, come over quickly…”

She must be thinking too much!

Gong Jue had always been a man of his word.

He had promised that he would return and attend her grandfathers birthday banquet.

He would definitely be able to return… right


“Jue, come over quickly.

Your Baby Gong is too awesome!”

Bai Mori was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

She smiled coquettishly and waved at Gong Jue, who was making a call on the balcony.

Who was Gong Jue calling at this late hour

She actually laughed out loud.

Was that the cold and heartless Gong Jue

She nearly didnt recognize him anymore.

Beside her, Gong Jues parents were surrounding the boy.

They smiled as they watched the boy assemble a complicated plane model in one minute.

That was a gift from Bai Mori.

However, the boy only curled his lips arrogantly in response to Bai Moris praise.

“I stopped playing with such childish toys when I was 1 years old.”

Bai Mori was speechless.


Gong frowned.

“How can you talk to Auntie Bai like that Auntie Bai came specially for you.”

The boy raised his eyebrows lightly.

“Shes not here to look for me.

Shes here to look for my father.”

Bai Mori pursed her lips in embarrassment.

“Baby is right.

I also want Jue to try the medicine…”


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