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Chapter 293: Rejection

Upon hearing Bai Mori say the words “try the medicine”.

Gong Qing and Songsong became nervous.

“Molly, have you really developed an effective medicine that can treat Jues allergies to women”

“Is there any sequela to this medicine Has it been tested for safety”

Bai Mori smiled lightly.

“Uncle, Auntie, dont worry.

Ive already studied it for more than three years.

Ive done countless experiments and improved at least a thousand formulas.

I dare not say anything else, but among the genetic drugs, Im definitely far ahead.

Its safe and has no side effects.

Its just that…”

“But what” Gong Qing and Song Song asked anxiously.

“I wanted to find someone whos allergic to women like Jue to test the medicine.

Ive searched everywhere in the country and abroad, but I cant find him.

So, I cant do an effective test.

I can only ask Jue to try it personally…”

“This wont do.

If anything happens…”

Bai Mori crossed her hands.

Her expression was solemn and she looked more professional.

“Uncle, Auntie, I swear on the Bai familys reputation that I definitely wont harm Gong Jue.

Ill take this medicine at the same time as him!”

Consume it at the same time!

In other words, if the medicine was poisonous or if there were any sequela, Bai Mori was willing to bear it with Gong Jue!

This was probably the greatest sincerity a medical researcher could offer.

Gong Qing and Songsong looked at each other and were clearly moved.

They were about to agree.

Gong Jue strode over with his long legs and said coldly, “Didnt you say that the child was running a fever Isnt he fine now”

“Little brat, that was because Molly came over to do a physical cooling for him and he took medicine for his fever!” Gong Qing snorted.

“Since the temperature has dropped, I have something on.

Ill get going first.” Gong Jue looked at the boy deeply.

He wasnt good at expressing his emotions and wouldnt say things like asking about his well-being.

But seeing that her son was so skilled in dismantling the plane, he should be fine.

Gong Qing was very unhappy.

“Whats the urgent matter in the middle of the night Let Special Assistant Lu handle it! Our son is still sick.

You have the cheek to leave”

“Hes a man, not a sissy.

Its just a fever.

Hes not so sick that he cant walk.” Gong Jue opposed her.

He had promised that stupid woman to go back.

He couldnt go back on his word.

Gong Qing was so angry that he wanted to punch someone.

Songsong, on the other hand, was calmer.

She stopped him and said gently to Gong Jue, “Jue, the child misses you very much.

You should stay and accompany him for the night.”

Bai Mori chimed in.

“Thats right, Jue.

A child will have a fever and it will repeat.

His temperature will definitely rise again in the middle of the night.”

Gong Qing snorted.

“Youre not allowed to leave! Stay behind and take care of your son! Could it be that you have the cheek to let Molly stay up late and help you take care of your son”

“Did I not give you enough living expenses The nanny at home isnt working anymore Do you still need an outsider to take care of her” Gong Jue said coolly.

“You, you brat! Youre here just to talk back to me, right Can a nanny compare to Molly A nanny knows how to treat illnesses A nanny will research special medicine for you Cut the crap.

Stay at home tonight and take care of your son.

Also, try the medicine!”

Gong Jues pupils shrank and he said coldly, “Test what medicine”


Jue, its that allergy medicine that I wanted to invite you to try at the laboratory the last time.

You were busy with work and didnt have the time to see it.

I thought that you were busy, so I sent it to your house to let you try it.” Bai Mori didnt miss the opportunity and said gently.

Gong Jue was silent for a moment before he asked coldly, “How should I take it”

“Its a very simple oral medication.

However, after taking the medicine, you need to observe for a while.

If its convenient for you to let me observe you tonight…”

“Its not convenient!” Gong Jue refused immediately.

“Well talk about it during the day!”


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