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Chapter 294: I Dont Want to Sleep with Bai Mori

Time at night was so precious.

Gong Jue didnt want to leave it for another woman.

Although he had to take cold showers several times a night while sleeping next to that stupid woman…

He would gladly endure it.

Bai Moris heart choked fiercely when she was rejected.

But she didnt show it on her face at all and maintained a perfect and elegant smile.

“Thats true.

Trying the medicine at night will affect your rest.

Why dont we change it to tomorrow morning Its the weekend tomorrow.

I have nothing to do anyway.

I can help you observe the medicine at your house.”

“I think thats fine! Molly will stay in the guest room tonight!” Gong Qing interrupted.

Gong Jues expression was cold and he didnt comment.

This wasnt his house anyway!

Bai Mori hurriedly smiled and said, “Uncle, Jue might really have an emergency job to handle.

Why dont I accompany Baby Gong to rest tonight If he has a recurring fever in the middle of the night, I can also take good care of him so that you wont worry.

Let Gong Jue handle his work in peace.

He can return tomorrow morning to test the medicine, okay”

These words were gentle and considerate.

Every word revealed that she was considerate.

No one could find fault with her.

It was so touching!

She knew very well that Gong Jue was determined to go tonight.

Why not do him a favor conveniently

Anyway, what she wanted to persuade and hinder Gong Jue about wasnt happening tonight at all, but tomorrow at noon…

She wanted him to be unable to attend that wild girls banquet at noon tomorrow.

At the same time, she could take the opportunity to get close to Baby Gong and build a relationship with him.

This was a compulsory class to become an outstanding stepmother.

Thus, although every word just now seemed casual, it was the result of her choosing her words carefully!

They were meant for her ultimate goal…

Indeed, Gong Qing was very satisfied when he heard this.

“Little brat, Molly is so considerate about everything.

As for you, youre always so stubborn!”

Gong Jue was completely unmoved.

“Are you done lecturing”


“Im leaving now.”


Gong Jue walked out.

It was already very late.

He didnt know if that stupid woman had gone to sleep obediently, whether she had covered herself with the blanket, whether her stomach would catch a cold, or whether she would dream and roll onto the floor…

Just as she was thinking about it…

The boy rushed over with his short legs.

A pair of small hands hugged his legs tightly.

“Papa, I want to sleep with you tonight!”

Gong Jue was stunned.

Then, he frowned slightly.

“Are you sure”

The boy nodded vigorously.

He didnt want to sleep with that Bai Mori.

He already had a beautiful and cool sister in his heart.

He definitely couldnt come into contact with other women.

That would profane the sacred status of big sister in his heart.

Especially Bai Mori.

She was very hateful.

Every time she measured his body temperature, she would pinch his small hands, his face, his small feet… She didnt love herself at all.

Could men be pinched casually

If he wanted to pinch her, he would let his handsome sister pinch him too.


He didnt want this ugly woman to touch him.

He also didnt want to sleep with this ugly woman!

Gong Jue rarely saw Gong Baobao so stubborn.

This child didnt have his mothers protection and had been too sensible since he was young.

Furthermore, as he had the IQ of a genius, he was usually calm and sharp when he spoke to him.

He was like a small adult.

This was definitely the first time he hugged his leg like this today.

He was stunned for a moment.

Baby Gong raised his small face and looked up at him.

His big black grape-like eyes were filled with tears.

It suddenly made ones heart ache!

At that moment, for some reason, Gong Jue actually overlapped this pair of big eyes with a certain stupid womans big black grape eyes!


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