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Chapter 295: Papa Was A Little Gay…

Gong Jue couldnt help but extend his big palm and touch the boys forehead.

When he felt a burning warmth, his throat became dry.

The boy was indeed still running a fever.

Although he acted as if nothing had happened, this child was actually very ill.

He missed her mother, right

Otherwise, he wouldnt have said something unprecedented like asking him to sleep with him.

He was so helpless and attached.

Gong Jue struggled for a long time in his heart.

Finally, he closed his eyes and said in a low voice, “Lets go.”

Carrying the pitiful boy, they went upstairs together.

Upon receiving Gong Jues agreement, the scheming boy made a victory sign in his heart.

Oh, it turned out that her father was indeed as the rumors said.

He was a little gay and was actually moved by his beautiful looks.

Oh, he just hated sleeping with Bai Mori.

He wanted to protect the chastity that was left for his handsome big sister to his death! He didnt have any other intentions.

Daddy, dont flatter yourself.

Youre just my shield!

She saw that the boy had successfully made Gong Jue stay.

Bai Mori was disappointed and happy.

What was disappointing was that she couldnt get close to the boy tonight to bond with him.

What made her happy was that that wild girl wasnt a priority.

She didnt have much status in Gong Jues heart, much less higher than the boys status.

She really didnt have to be too nervous.

“Uncle, Auntie, Ill have to trouble you then…”

“Its fine.

The Bai family and I are family friends.

Furthermore, that child Bai Lang helped Jue a lot.

You dont have to be so polite all the time.

Lets get the servants to clean up the guest room…”

“Thank you, Uncle and Auntie.”

Bai Mori spoke sweetly.

She was obedient but not overly solicitous.

Everything was done perfectly.


Mansion Number 0.

Gu Qiqi was about to fall asleep on the bed when she suddenly woke up.

She actually forgot to take a shower and fell asleep on the bed!

Damn it.

If the “Mysophobic Department” saw this, they would laugh non-stop again.

She turned around and saw that the other end of the bed was empty.

The man wasnt back yet.

It was already past midnight.


Why did she say that she was waiting for him to return

Indeed, as the saying goes, even sows can climb trees if they can believe a mans words!

Gu Qiqi rolled around in bed gloomily for a while before she suddenly sat up.

Could Gong Jue have gone on a dangerous mission

Once this thought surfaced, her heart suddenly beat non-stop.

It was really possible.

There wasnt even an explanation message or call.

It should be because the environment didnt allow it, right

The signal was blocked

Or was he injured after failing the mission

Gu Qiqi felt even more uneasy.

Immediately, she lost all her sleepiness.

She got up and walked to the window.

She stared blankly outside the villa at that boulevard…

She was like the most ordinary wife who was anxiously waiting for her husbands late return.

She suddenly realized that Gong Jues world was actually filled with dangers.

Would Gong Jues woman have countless sleepless nights like this

Could she have the strongest mentality to withstand every wait

As her gaze swept across a star on the horizon, she realized that the answer was actually about to be revealed…


At the Gong Residence.

The boy had already fallen asleep.

Gong Jue was no longer sleepy.

He had been holding his phone up for nearly an hour!

He typed a few words into the text box.

“Stupid woman, dont wait for me.

Go to sleep first.”

After losing, he deleted it.

This would make him sound so naggy.

“Im sorry, I cant go back tonight.

I have something to do.”

He deleted it again.

This looked like he was admitting his mistake!


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