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Chapter 302: Praise for the Pearl Painting

Everyone didnt think too much about it.

In order to liven up the atmosphere, everyone agreed with Gu Meifengs suggestion.

“Okay! Okay! Open the gift on the spot! I heard that its always like this for young peoples birthdays nowadays.

Lets let the old master keep up with the trends.

Hurry up and invite the old master over!”

Soon, Old Master Gu was invited out.

Sitting on the master seat, he was very comforted to see his descendants laughing.

Seeing Gu Qiqi bring Xiaobei over, he nodded in satisfaction and smiled.

But… Why wasnt that person here

Perhaps he was busy with work and would be late

After all, the old master was a person of virtue and prestige.

He could remain calm and didnt ask Gu Qiqi.

Under the encouragement of Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue, the servants handed over the birthday gifts one by one.

They opened them up on the spot for everyone to see and comment.

The first thing that was opened was the gift that Gu Yuanyuan had given her.

It was that Ice Jade Paperweight.

It was squarish and ordinary.

If it wasnt compared to Gu Qiqis peach, this gift could be considered to be very appropriate, very expensive, and very sincere.

Indeed, once it was opened, those uncles and aunties couldnt stop praising her.

Everyone was generous with their praise for Gu Yuanyuans foresight.

“Yuanyuan is indeed our Gu familys eldest daughter.

What good taste!”

“This gift was chosen well.

Its grand and practical.

Brother Enlong is really good at teaching women!”

Gu Yuanyuan was extremely proud when she heard this.

Gu Enlong was also feeling proud at the side.

The servants opened a few more gifts.

They were ordinary items like tea leaves, a cane, a pipe, and so on.

Until a painting was revealed.

It was a mini canvas the size of a fan.

On it was a river and snow painted with pearl powder and there was a lonely old man on a boat.

As the pearl powders color was warm, although the painting work was ordinary, it looked a little interesting overall.

After all, it was rare for ordinary people to think of using pearl powder to paint.

It could be said that creativity was more valuable than art.

“Who sent this gift” Old Master asked.

“Grandpa, I drew it.

My standard is average.

Ive embarrassed myself in front of you.” Gu Xuexue pretended to be humble.

She lowered her head halfway to show that she was very humble, but she was also full of affection.

The old madam hurriedly spoke up for her.

“Xuexue drew this herself Of course, the gift that she made with her own hands is different from a store bought item!”

Old Master Gu nodded slowly.

“Yes, why would I laugh at you Your intentions are commendable.”

Old Master hadnt commented on the gifts previously.

Old Master even only took a glance at Gu Yuanyuans valuable jadeite paperweight.

This time, he actually praised her.

Everyone was used to taking advantage of the situation and immediately praised her.

“These children are so filial.

A store bought gift cant be compared to something made by their own hands!”

“Meifeng, how did you teach your child to be so sensible Youre so smart!”

“Eh, although this pearl painting looks simple, if you take a closer look, it looks a little like a lonely boat with a man on it fishing on a cold river.

I heard that Old Master obtained a new famous painting that features a man fishing in the snow on a cold river alone.

The theme that our Xue Xue chose really suits the occasion!”

“Oh, she can draw something like this at such a young age!”

Gu Xuexues heart bloomed with praise.

Of course, this pearl painting was drawn by an experienced painter in a jewelry store for her.

She specially took a photo of the painting that “Gong Sheng” gave to her grandfather two days ago for him to copy.

How could it not look good

In terms of thoughts, creativity, and this unique attitude, who could compare to her

Even Gu Yuanyuan couldnt compare to her!

There was even less of a need to talk about Gu Qiqis already smashed longevity peach.

Of course, the deeper meaning behind her choosing this topic was that she wanted to pair up with “Gong Sheng” as a couple and give her grandfather the impression that they were very compatible.

Even the level of appreciation for art was identical!

At that time, wouldnt it be obvious at a glance which daughter the Gu family would be betrothed to the Gong family

This was called subtly changing someones opinion without batting an eyelid.


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