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Chapter 304: Requesting Family Law—Hit Her!

How was it enough to only think of her as a simple “naughty”!

If hse wanted to make Gu Qiqi completely unable to establish herself in the Gu family and be ruthlessly punished by the family laws, she wanted to put her to death!

She couldnt help but jump out and shout, “Grandpa, who did this The person actually gave you a cracked longevity peach.

What does he mean Is he cursing you He doesnt want you to live long!”

Old Madam stopped her with a frown.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

But clearly, his expression was also very ugly as he said sternly, “Whos so insensible Stand out and admit your mistake yourself!”

This time, no one said a word.

The children were giving their elder birthday wishes, but one person was giving him damaged things.

If it wasnt someone being naughty and doing it on purpose, this was too inauspicious.

Who would dare to talk nonsense

Let alone admitting it, no one would even touch it.

Amidst the silence, Gu Yuanyuan pinched Gu Xuexue hard.

Scheming b*tch, why didnt you say anything at the critical moment

You want me to come out and criticize her alone No way!

Gu Xuexue had no choice but to stand out and whisper, “Eh, that day when I was shopping with Sister Yuanyuan, I think I saw Qiqi choose this longevity peach for Grandpa.

I thought that Qiqi was very filial… I didnt expect… I didnt expect…”

Gu Xuexue wanted to say something but hesitated.

She seemed to be whispering to Gu Meifeng.

In fact, the volume was controlled so that everyone in the living room could hear it clearly.

Gu Yuanyuan picked it up smugly.

“I didnt expect this filial piety to actually meanlife reduction!”

Wasnt splitting a longevity peach in half symbolic of shortening ones lifespan

Everyone drew a cold breath.

Who would dare to take responsibility for this “filial piety”

The old lady was immediately furious.

“Gu Qiqi, you ungrateful little b*tch! You actually cursed your grandfather like this! Back then, if your grandfather wasnt soft-hearted, you would have been sent away by Qiushan long ago.

Do you think its your turn to be so arrogant and smug in the Gu family You actually dare to curse us after eating our food, wearing our clothes, and using our things!”

Gu Meifeng exaggerated further.

“Dad, Mom, I told you long ago that she was an ingrate.

You didnt believe me.

Now, you know.

She could watch as her biological father went to jail and not care at all about him.

Can she still care about her grandparents Can she even bear to spend money to give you good gifts Im afraid that this tattered thing was dug out from the rubbish bin in the jewelry shop and was deliberately used to disgust you, right”

The other uncles and aunties shook their heads and sighed as well.

They criticized her repeatedly.

This mistake was unforgivable.

If she didnt give a gift, no one would say anything.

But giving such a broken gift was really… too bad.

Seeing that the effect had been achieved, Gu Yuanyuan suggested directly, “Grandma, lets use the family law.

Otherwise, if our younger brothers and sisters follow suit, no one will respect the elders in the future.

It will ruin our Gu familys scholarly family style!”

Back when the old madam was rebuked by Gu Qiqi, she wanted to seek punishment using family law.

In the end, Gong Jue barged in halfway and ruined her plans.

This time, no one stopped her.

Her family was also on her side.

It simply couldnt be justified not to take the opportunity to destroy that brat Gu Qiqis prestige.

Gu Yuanyuans suggestion was exactly what she wanted.

“Okay, Old Zhao.

Go and seek punishment!”

Butler Zhao replied, “Yes, Old Madam!”

His hands were itching too!

He had long found Gu Qiqi an eyesore.

Hmph! This kind of country bumpkin still wanted to be his little master Pfft!


Amidst the commotion, Old Master Gu spoke in a dignified manner.

“You didnt even ask Qiqi and came to such a conclusion Youre unworthy of being an elder!”

Old Masters sonorous and powerful voice shocked everyone and warmed Gu Qiqis heart.

Her grandfather was indeed different from others.

He still believed her at this moment and gave her a chance.

The old lady was unhappy.

“Old man, why are you still asking Isnt it obvious”

Old Master said, “Im old and my eyes arent good.

I cant see those schemes that youre talking about.

Qiqi, tell me.

What exactly is going on”

Gu Qiqi, who had been silent all this while, nodded.

She slowly walked towards Old Master Gu.


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