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Chapter 317: I Have The Final Say As She Is My Woman

Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue looked at Gu Qiqi with jealousy and hatred.

They then stared at Gong Jue enviously.

Why would such a noble man fall for Gu Qiqi

They refused to believe it.

Gu Meifeng asked, “Master Jue, did you make a mistake”

Gu Xuexue said, “Master Jue, my older sister is engaged to another man…”

Gong Jues cold voice froze the doubts of those two people.

“I have the final say regarding my woman!”

In other words, who the hell are you to dare to question my woman!

He was so domineering.

It shocked all the men present.

The women fell to the ground in shock…

Gosh, such a domineering man.

He clearly exuded coldness that kept people away, but why was he so attractive

She felt that being protected by him would give her an absolute sense of security and satisfaction.

All the cousins, including aunties, were starry-eyed at Gong Jue.

Little did she know that the person who was most shocked at the scene was Gu Qiqi, who had been silent all this while.

From Gong Jues sudden arrival to his public announcement that he was her admirer, he even made his identity public.

There was no need to hide his identity anymore…

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

She initially thought that he would definitely not come again.

But she didnt expect that he would come to her most awkward moment and help her out.

But was it really fine for him to reveal his identity like this

Gu Qiqis worry turned into greater shock when she heard everyones discussion.

Gong Jue…

He was actually the leader of the Gong Clan Corporation!

She stood rooted to the ground in a daze as she felt one unexpected blow after another!

She didnt take this man seriously.

They also often insulted each other as stupid woman and stupid man.

He was actually… the legendary Chief!

So, his bad temper towards her in the past was already a small fight after he suppressed his anger

After all, it was easy as pinching an ant to death for such a noble man to kill her.

She suddenly realized that Gong Jues frequent words when he was angry were “Ill kill you!”.

He was really not arrogant and conceited.

It was real.

She actually spent the entire summer vacation with such a terrifying man and was unaware of his prowess.

How big was her heart

Gu Qiqi couldnt help but swallow her saliva.

She wanted to ask too much, but in the end, she only said, “You… Why are you here at this time”

Gong Jue retracted his gaze and stared at her intently.

His fierce gaze softened a little.

He held her small hand with one hand and stroked her long hair with the other.

He said slowly, “As a man, I have to keep my word.

I promised that I would come.

I wont go back on my word no matter how late it is.

Dont worry in the future.

I promise you anything.”

It was an explanation, but it also seemed to be a promise!

Upon hearing this, the women sucked in a cold breath of air.

They were about to explode.

It was fine if that cool promise stirred up a group of hearts.

That action was even more shocking.

He touched her hair!

Such a cold man actually patted her head in a doting and gentle way.

It was simply a powerful contrast.

It was as if a fierce lion—who was the overlord of the jungle—raised its claws to comb the rabbits fur… That was the kind of visual effect!

They couldnt take it anymore.

Their legs had gone soft! They couldnt walk anymore! They couldnt stand up and toast anymore!

Gu Qiqi felt as if she had been electrocuted.

She was electrocuted to the point where she nearly lost all ability to resist.

She obediently allowed him to hold her small hand and caress her long hair.

Under everyones gazes, she enjoyed this unique doting of this noble man.


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