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Chapter 325: She Snatched My Things

She watched as Gu Xuexue was forced into speechlessness.

In fact, everyone had already recognized her as a liar.

Gu Meifeng rushed out of the crowd and said angrily, “Gu Qiqi, you clearly asked my Xuexue over.

There were witnesses who saw it! Gu Shiba, dont you think so”

Gu Shiba was so frightened that he only knew how to nod vigorously.

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

“Gu Shiba, where did you see me asking Gu Xuexue out”

“Yes, when we were eating…” Gu Shiba said guiltily.

Gu Qiqi said, “When men and women are separated during mealtime, your neck and ears are stretched out quite long.

Can you hear me asking her out”

Gu Shiba hurriedly changed his words.

“Yes, in the washroom…”

Gu Qiqi asked, “So, youre used to eavesdropping in the female washroom”

Everyone commented.

“Tsk! Shiba, Dont joke around!”

Gu Shiba was speechless.

His helpless gaze kept darting towards Gu Xuexue.

Gu Qiqi was too difficult to deal with!

He couldnt hold on anymore.

He was going to be exposed.

Gu Xuexues buttocks were already in so much pain that she couldnt say a word.

If she wasnt afraid that those cousins mouths wouldnt be tight, she wouldnt have gone to the extent of asking this idiot Gu Shiba for help!

Seeing this, Gu Meifeng hurriedly saved the situation.

“Hmph! Gu Qiqi, its useless even if you quibble! There are only two people at the scene.

Youre unharmed.

My Xuexue was seriously injured.

If you didnt do it, could it be that my Xuexue broke the vase and injured herself This doesnt make sense at all!”

Gu Qiqi looked up lightly.

“Thats the truth.”

Gu Meifeng said, “Dont slander my Xuexue! What reason does Xuexue have to do this!”

Gu Qiqi said, “She wants to snatch my things.”

Gu Meifeng laughed coldly.


My Xuexue is of noble birth.

What doesnt she not have Snatching something from a bookworm like you Do you still want face”

Upon hearing Gu Qiqis words, Gu Xuexues heart skipped a beat.

Yes, she wanted to snatch Gong Jue away.

She wanted to snatch that supreme-grade man from her hands.

Thus, she designed this scene of framing Gu Qiqi.

Unfortunately, Gu Qiqi didnt follow the script and instead pushed her into a pit.

Could it be that Gu Qiqi had seen through her intentions

Gu Xuexue was nervous for a moment, but she soon relaxed.


Even if Gu Qiqi saw through her love for Gong Jue and wanted to take him for herself, it was useless.

There was no evidence for the crime in her thoughts.

On what basis did Gu Qiqi say that she wanted to snatch Gong Jue

Just like how Gu Shihais testimony was filled with loopholes just now, Gu Qiqi still couldnt find evidence to slander her!

In the end, neither party cared about this matter.

But as long as she cried a little more, Grandma would definitely soften her heart and help her punish Gu Qiqi!

In the end, she could still take care of that bookworm!

Thinking about this, Gu Xuexue relaxed completely and waited for the situation to develop.

But in the next second…

Gu Qiqis answer made her tense up.

She even forgot that her buttocks hurt and nearly stood up!

Gu Qiqi said lightly, “She wanted to snatch my Deep Sea Pearl.

Not only did she want it, but she had already made a move.

I didnt stop her on account of our sisterhood, but she was too rough with her actions.

When she snatched it away, she was too forceful and fell down.

She shattered the vase and injured herself.”

“You, youre talking nonsense! When did I snatch it” Gu Xuexue endured the pain and spoke with difficulty.

Gu Qiqi lifted her beautiful eyes and her gaze became sharper in an instant.

“The pearl is in your hand and it shattered.

You still say that you didnt snatch it”

Everyone followed her gaze.

Indeed, Gu Xuexues fingers that were on the ground were pressing on a bright pink pearl.

It was that incomparably noble brooch that Gu Qiqi had placed on her collar.

At this moment, a small half of the perfect pearl had actually been broken.

How regretful!

How greedy was Gu Xuexue to snatch someone elses pearl forcefully like this If she couldnt snatch it, she would rather ruin it

Everyone looked at her with disdain.


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