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Chapter 326: Repay Her Tenfold!

Gu Xuexue wanted to cry but had no tears.

She was speechless!

She once again felt an indescribable despair that no one would believe her.

When did that d*mned pearl end up in her hands

At this moment, the little dirty turtle was hugging a small piece of pink pearl and munching on it happily.

“Tsk, tsk.

I put it here.

It would be a miracle if you discovered it! Oh… Its so delicious! Master, can you reward the remaining half to me later After I eat it, I will definitely work hard to run errands for Master and torture scum!”

Gu Qiqi laughed silently.

“Okay, Ill reward you.”

Such valuable powder became the little dirty turtles snacks just like that.

Once that broken pearl appeared, not only was Gu Xuexue stunned.

The cousins who had come to watch the commotion widened their eyes.

“This… This pink pearl belongs to Big Sister Qiqi! Why did it end up in Xuexues hands”

“When Big Sister Qiqi entered the door just now, this pearl blinded everyones eyes and compared to the ordinary pearl on Xuexues neck.

Could it be that Xuexue hated her out of jealousy”

“Isnt that obvious She was too strong when she snatched the pearl, so she fell down by herself! Otherwise, why would a piece of the pearl shatter”

“Gosh, what a pity! Xue Xue, you really shouldnt be so greedy…”

“Its fine if youre greedy, but you even slandered Big Sister Qiqi for pushing you Do you have the cheek to do so”

Gu Xuexues buttocks hurt and her head hurt even more.

She couldnt withstand the questioning of so many people.

She felt aggrieved.

Gu Qiqi was the one who hit and pushed her.

Why was everyone criticizing her but not Gu Qiqi!

He looked at Gu Qiqi with resentful eyes.

Youve already hit me.

Cant you let me off

However, Gu Qiqis expression was cold.

She was even stingy with her response.

In her previous life, when she was slandered and knocked over a vase, everyones doubts and insults were definitely no less than today.

Furthermore, they directly blocked her path to survival in the Imperial Capital.

Her studying and professional life were directly crippled.

Even if she didnt talk about her previous life, if she didnt take the initiative today, then the person who was successfully slandered and fiercely scolded was her!

Pity Gu Xuexue Let Gu Xuexue off

Dont even think about it!

It wouldnt be too much to ask Gu Xuexue to repay her tenfold.

Gu Qiqi said coldly, “Since the matter is already very clear, shouldnt we do as Grandma said just now How should we handle it How should we handle it!”

The old lady choked.

Things developed too quickly and turned around too quickly.

She couldnt react in time.

She was clearly here to support Xue Xue, but in the end, she actually had to punish Xue Xue!

She said just now that the person who broke the vase had to go through the family law and kneel in the ancestral hall.

If it was really broken by Xue Xue, could it be that Xue Xue had to suffer the pain

Of course not.

Xue Xue was so delicate.

The old madam thought for a while and said shamelessly, “Child, why are you so serious Isnt she just a vase Whats the big deal Xue Xue, just apologize to your grandfather! Your grandfather also said just now that he doesnt mind a vase.”

The old masters face darkened.

He did say that before.

But that was targeted at Qiqi.

Qiqi wasnt wrong.

Of course, he didnt mind.

But Xue Xue kept lying and framing her sisters.

He was already very dissatisfied in his heart.

According to him, Gu Xuexue should be punished!

But as the head of the family, he couldnt go back on his word and only protect Gu Qiqi…

At this moment.

The people watching the commotion outside the door suddenly separated and shut their mouths obediently.

A cold male voice was heard along with the sound of leather boots.

“Breaking a vase is a small matter, but slandering my woman is an unforgivable big matter!”


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