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Chapter 327: Punishment! And A Heavy Punishment!

Gong Jues cold voice shocked everyone.

This man didnt speak much, but every word he said had the power of natural intimidation.

Perhaps it was because he had been in a superior position for a long time.

He was imposing without being angry.

Old Madam resisted the pressure with great difficulty and asked, “What does Young Master Gong mean by unforgivable”

Gong Jues gaze didnt have a trace of warmth as he said coldly, “She needs a punishment enough to let her remember the lesson and have no intention of committing it again.”

Gu Meifeng was shocked and thought to herself.

Could it be that this master is going to kidnap Xue Xue and throw her into jail!

No! Brother Qiushan had already been imprisoned and couldnt come out.

If something happened to Xuexue again, her life would completely collapse.

She gnashed her teeth and whispered, “Mom, help Xuexue!”

Why wouldnt the Old Madam want to help

The problem was that this living King of Hells aura was so terrifying.

The old madam braced herself and said, “Young Master Gong, no matter what, this is the Gu familys family matter.

We have the authority to handle it, right”

Gong Jue remained silent coldly.

He strode over to Gu Qiqi with her long legs and held her small hand.

Only then did he say to Old Master Gu, “Ive always heard that the Gu family is a family of scholars.

I believe that the Gu familys rules shouldnt be empty decorations, right”

Although he was asking a question, his tone carried a hint of disapproval!

Old Madams heart turned cold.

The old masters brows relaxed a little.

Gong Jues words gave him a way out.

Apart from digging a pit for himself, this brat still had some IQ.

His face sank and he became more serious.

“Young Master Gong is right.

Our Gu family has been well-educated for hundreds of years.

If we dont punish our children and grandchildren for their mistakes, or if we punish them lightly, the family rules will become decorations.

Our family tradition will not be worthy of being talked about!”

Speaking up to this point, Old Masters intention was already very obvious.

She had to be punished! And it has to be a severe punishment!

“Old man, what are you doing!”

“Dad, are you really going to punish Xue Xue”


Old Madam and Gu Meifeng exclaimed at the same time.

However, the old master had already made up his mind.

“Send her to the ancestral hall and execute the family law! She will be punished to kneel for ten days and ten nights!”

Ten days and ten nights

It was even worse than Gu Yuanyuan!

Gu Xuexues legs went soft.

She collapsed onto the vase fragments and couldnt get up.

“Dad, how can she kneel when shes injured!”

“Then she can lie on her stomach!”

This time, the old man had made his decision.

No one could move him.

After speaking, the old master no longer bothered about Gu Xuexue and the rest who were pleading for mercy.

He turned around and looked at Gu Qiqi, who had been silent all this while.

He said earnestly, “Qiqi, Im sorry for making you suffer at home!”

Gu Qiqi shook her head lightly.

Her eyes reddened.

She wasnt aggrieved.

In this lifetime, she already had the ability to protect herself.

Furthermore, she could also see her grandfathers sincere protection of her and see the outcome of Gu Xuexue and Gu Yuanyuan suffering on their own.

This was already very good!

In the future, she still had to protect her grandfather and Xiao Bei from being harmed by that b*tch.

After Gu Xuexue was taken away to be punished and lost all her face in front of the Gu family, the thorn that had been stuck in her heart seemed to have been pulled out.

It was as if the broken vase fragments from her previous life had been embedded in the depths of her skin.

They had always been throbbing faintly, but now that they had finally been cleared, she felt relaxed!

“Old Master, Old Madam, everyone should return to the dining room to continue attending the banquet, right” The uncles greeted.

The people from the Shen family couldnt be bothered with what would happen to Gu Xuexue.

They were still in a hurry to curry favor with Gong Jue.

Of course, they also started currying favor with Gu Qiqi because of this.

Gu Qiqi had two engagements in her hands now!

Be it the Gong family or the Mu family, they had the effect of reviving the Shen family.


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