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It was fine if Special Assistant Lu didnt bring a gun with him in order to not scare her family.

Gong Jue actually didnt bring a gun with him in order to match with her white shirt


She really wanted to bite this stupid man to death!

Seeing Gu Qiqis angry face and Gong Jues frozen face, Special Assistant Lu realized that his failure to explain had ruined things.

Oh, no.

His original intention was to let Young Lady Qiqi understand Master Jues painstaking effort…

Under Gong Jues cold pressure, he hurriedly handed over the test results while shivering and tried to salvage something.

“Young Lady Qiqi, you have anemia.

Why dont you rest quietly…”

“I have anemia” Gu Qiqi was surprised.

Gong Jue frowned.

“Why is she anemic Call the old director back! Didnt he tell me that she was fine just now”

Just as Gong Jue was about to flare up.

Outside the door, the crisp sound of high heels could be heard.

An elegant and gentle voice traveled over lightly.

“Dont worry.

Its just a mild anemia.

A woman with a weaker body will suffer from anemia when she has her period.”

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

What a familiar voice.

Had she heard this womans voice somewhere before


S Country.

Medical laboratory.

Countless precision laboratory apparatus were displayed.

A corpse was placed on the table for examination.

That corpse was actually the leader of the group of people who had ambushed Gong Jue and Gu Qiqi just now.

After a while.

A laboratory technician in a white coat with an S Nation accent said in pain, “General Teuton, I cant do anything.

Colonel Peter is already dead…”

By the window, a burly man with the shape of a dragon turned around abruptly.

His eyes cracked open.

“A bunch of useless people! Even ten elites cant kill Gong Jue alone Do you want me to send another team to deal with him”

General Teuton was the highest leader in S Nation.

He had been Gong Jues archenemy for many years!

A month ago, Gong Jue personally presided over the command.

It only took him three days to set up a high-tech protective net.

He defeated his elite sneak attackers in the northern mountain range and he returned home in defeat.

Back then, Peter kowtowed and swore with his life that he would infiltrate the Imperial Capital and kill Gong Jue personally.

However, what was transported back today was his corpse.

The other subordinates were all dead.

They couldnt even recover their corpses.

Due to General Teutons imposing manner, the appraiser immediately knelt down.

“General, after the examination just now, I discovered that Colonel Peter didnt die from a knife wound.


“What is it Tell me quickly!”

“Its a type of blood poison!”

“What Gong Jue, that shameless b*stard, actually used poison on us”

“No, no.

No one has been able to extract that kind of poison until now.

It only exists in the blood of very few people.

And I found traces of a womans blood on Colonel Peters arm.”

“Get to the point!” General Teuton was impatient.

“General, the important thing is that if we can find that woman and extract her blood for research, we will have the worlds most advanced poison weapon…” The laboratory technicians eyes lit up.

For a medical researcher, this kind of supreme-grade blood was simply peerlessly rare.

It was hard to come by even in a hundred years.

If he could borrow General Teutons hand to capture that woman and complete this research, he would definitely be able to reach the pinnacle of medical history and leave his name in history forever.

General Teuton understood what he meant this time.

He smiled with stubble all over his face.

“Very good! Pass down my orders.

Find that woman at all costs for me! Kidnap her back so that she will become a lab rat!”

Hmph! How could he let Gong Jue do such a shameless thing first

He was the most shameless person in the world!


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