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Chapter 340: How Long Was Her Period

In the ward.

Gu Qiqis attention was drawn to that familiar female voice outside the door.

She looked up.

She saw a female doctor dressed in a white coat.

She was tall and had a beautiful appearance.

Her light brown curly hair was very gentle as she walked over elegantly.

She even put on a white coat and looked refined and scholarly.

Gong Jue didnt give this low-key and beautiful female doctor any attention.

His gaze locked onto Gu Qiqi and he said in a low voice, “So, you have anemia because of your period”

Gu Qiqis small face burned.

Stupid man, did he have to say those words so loudly!

Special Assistant Lu was still here.

Special Assistant Lu hurriedly pretended not to hear him and rubbed his nose.

“That… Master Jue, I suddenly thought of something.

I have to urge those brats to clean up the enemys corpse well and see if there are any clues to catch all the brats in S Nation in one fell swoop…”

He left in a flash.

Gong Jue still refused to let go of the anemia.

“Didnt your period come for a few days Its been more than a week.

Why isnt it over yet Did you have anemia for a long time How many days does this usually take”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She felt that her face was so red that her ears were bleeding.

Commander-in-chief, dont you feel awkward discussing a period with a woman

But Gong Jue was serious.

He looked like a serious student who was determined to solve this problem.

Behind him, Bai Mori—who had been completely ignored—tugged at her lips indignantly.

“Jue, its very common for girls to have anemia.

If youre really worried, Ill prescribe some Chinese medicine to replenish her blood later.”


When Bai Mori said this word.

Gu Qiqi remembered immediately.

It was that woman!

Back in Qing Cheng, when Gong Jue was taking a shower, she accidentally picked up that womans call.


Such an intimate form of addressing him.

Even she was embarrassed to call him that.

But this woman called him so casually and matter-of-factly.

What exactly was her relationship with Gong Jue

Gu Qiqis gaze became probing as she looked at Bai Mori.

When she met Gu Qiqis puzzled gaze, Bai Mori raised her eyebrows and concealed her smugness.

She took two steps forward and stopped closer to Gong Jue.

Although she didnt touch him, she was also quite close.

“Jue, you left in a hurry in the afternoon.

Uncle and Auntie asked me to see you when I saw you.

Are you still going home for dinner If youre going back, Ill accompany you…”

Bai Mori said cordially.

It was as if accompanying Gong Jue home for a meal was an extremely common thing.

It was as if she often did this.

Gu Qiqi sat on the hospital bed and immediately felt even more embarrassed.

Why did it feel like she had ruined their family reunion

So, Gong Jue was late for his grandfathers birthday banquet in the afternoon not because he was too busy with work, but because… he was meeting his parents in the Gong family with this woman

Gu Qiqi felt terrible.

So, everything about Gong Jue wanting to marry her was a lie

She vaguely felt that this happiness came too quickly and too suddenly.

Although she felt that Gong Jues performance today was too perfect and unbelievable, there was always a trace of hope in her heart.

She hoped that he was sincere.

But with such a beautiful woman in front of her calling him “Jue” intimately, how was she to believe his sincerity

Gu Qiqis imagination ran wild.

Suddenly, Gong Jue said coldly, “Why are you here I called for a psychiatrist!”


Why did she feel that Gong Jue was a little cold and impatient towards this woman

Could she have been overwhelmed by jealousy

No, no, no.

Why should she be jealous


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