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Chapter 342: Your Family Members Can Be Veterinarians!

Gu Qiqis small universe burned fiercely.

Gong Jue actually delayed their agreement because of a woman.

He was delayed so self-righteously that she could even talk about the engagement at the birthday banquet without feeling embarrassed having his heart skip a beat.

If she didnt know, she would have been coaxed by him.

She nearly believed it!

It was true that he was very, very good to her.

It was also true that he had been intimate with that woman for the entire morning and even visited his parents.

Wasnt he afraid of becoming a schizophrenic after having something but wanting more

She was furious.

Gong Jue suddenly opened his mouth and broke the silence.

“School starts next week.

Go and change your profession!”

His commanding tone was unquestionable.

Gu Qiqi was already filled with anger.

Upon hearing him say that he wanted her to change her profession, the little firecrackers in her heart immediately kept crackling.

She blurted out.


It was still that word.

Her attitude was countless times more determined than before.

She definitely didnt want to change her profession.

She couldnt even rely on men anymore.

Was she stupid to destroy her own future

Gong Jue frowned.

“Dont force me to change it for you myself.”

The profession of a doctor was too dangerous.

Today, he had only seen the knife wound on the back of her hand and already felt as if a knife was twisted in his heart.

He really couldnt imagine how he would handle the fact that she had really become an emergency doctor and was seriously injured while on duty.

Gu Qiqi glared back.

“Ha, what do you want to change it to”


A veterinarian can do it too.”

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

“…Thats impossible!”

You can be a veterinarian! Your entire family can be veterinarians!

Gong Jue frowned even more tightly.

This stupid woman was actually so resistant

What was so good about that lousy clinical medicine major Wasnt it better to study veterinary medicine After graduating, he would open a pet hospital for her.

Since she had nothing to do, she would take care of small animals.

There was no danger at all…

She was still too young and didnt know the sins and fears hidden in this world.

Once she chose the wrong profession, she might walk on a very dangerous path in the future.

Should he make this decision for her

Actually, he could have discussed it with her properly.

The problem was that this stupid woman was too infuriating.

Once she said the words “impossible”, how was he going to discuss it with her!

The room fell into a frozen silence.

Outside the door.

Bai Mori, who had been eavesdropping in the corridor and hadnt left, blinked lightly.

The corners of her lips curved up happily.

“I thought that this country girl was some powerful character It turns out that shes nothing much! She actually doesnt know Jues temper at all.

She actually dares to go against Jue.

Her tone is so arrogant and not gentle! Jue wont stay by such an insensible girls side for long…”

Bai Mori muttered to herself in her heart and left satisfied.

In the room.

The two of them were in a stalemate for a moment.

Gong Jue stood by the window alone for a while and calmed down.

He was about to say something when…

Suddenly, the ward door was pushed open.

Bai Lang shouted excitedly, “D*mn it! D*mn it! I heard that the little vixen has a mental illness This is my forte! Youve finally discovered my powerful value, right”

Gu Qiqis face darkened.

Bai Lang laughed.

“I wasnt completely excited.

I mean, I have many years of experience in treating Jues mental illness…”

Gong Jues face darkened.

Bai Lang blinked his amorous eyes innocently.

He didnt understand why the two of them were so fierce to him.

“Lets check if she has any psychological trauma from the fight.” Gong Jue said in annoyance, “Youre not allowed to touch her the entire time!”

Bai Lang was speechless.

How was he going to check her without touching her

Alright, he actually had a newly researched detector that specializes in detecting mental illnesses.

He didnt have to do it himself!

Wait a minute!

Any young doctor could examine psychological trauma.

Why did Gong Jue have to torment him

Had he fallen into this trap that they had dug for him again


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