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Chapter 360: How Bad Were Her Legs Shaking

Xiao Ning whimpered and said sincerely.

“I want to too, but… Qiqi, its really difficult to explain what happened between us in a few words.

But dont worry.

He wont hurt me, really.”

“Youre already so afraid, but youre still not injured”

“I… Im just afraid psychologically…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Are you sure your body isnt afraid

How badly are your legs trembling Do you think that Im blind

However, since Xiao Ning didnt expose her, she couldnt expose her either.

Sighing again, she finally let out a long sigh and instructed.

“Protect yourself… Especially when its a last resort.

You have to take safety measures.

Let him wear the condoms that he should wear, understand”

She really didnt want to see Xiao Ning repeat her mistakes in this lifetime.

Two lives were lost.

Xiao Nings small face flushed red.


What do you mean… How embarrassing!

“Dont be embarrassed.

We study medicine ourselves.

We have to know how to protect ourselves.

This is common knowledge, okay”

“Ahem, ahem, ahem.

Qiqi, you forgot that were veterinarians…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Damn it.

She had really forgotten.

“Also, Qiqi, actually, Ive always wanted to say something to you just now.”

“You dont have to thank me too much.

Ive always been annoyed that I didnt KO that scumbag uncle for you!”

“Ahem, ahem.

Thats not it.

Its… Why do I feel that your chest has grown a lot more than before the college entrance exam…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She was hugging Xiao Ning to comfort her but Xiao Ning was taking advantage of her!

She was angry and amused at the same time.

She pushed this little brat away.

“It seems that youre fine now.

You still have the mood to joke with me.

Lets go.

Before the sky turns dark, quickly go home.”

“What home Thats the Bai family, not our Xiao family…” Xiao Ning muttered softly.

But in order to not let her good friend worry, she quickly smiled again.

“See you tomorrow! Qiqi, I heard that the first class at the veterinary school is intense.

The first class is the Anatomy class! Im going to kill everyone ruthlessly with a scalpel!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Forget it.

Ill give it to you when you can use a knife on that scumbag Bai.

After watching Xiao Ning leave, Gu Qiqi walked to the dormitory alone.

On the first day of school, she didnt expect to encounter so many obstacles.

Indeed, fate wouldnt be too kind to her and couldnt bear to see her lead a comfortable life.

As she approached the female dormitory, her footsteps became slower.

In the cold dormitory, there was no adorable Little Master Xiao Ning, no obedient daughter Yang Xiaolan, and even her Yun Qiao wasnt there.

There was only the moron top student.

It was really meaningless to go back.

How about she take advantage of the night time

She should go to the lake and play a Five Animal Mimicry to improve her martial strength.

There have been so many scumbags recently.

She felt that they will start fighting her sooner or later.

Thus, as soon as Gu Qiqi approached the door, she turned around and prepared to go to the lake where she met the old man in the day to cultivate her skills.

Unexpectedly, hurried footsteps could be heard from the door.

The girl in black rushed out and shouted fiercely, “Gu Qiqi, youre a scumbag who only knows how to fool around with men.

You even provoked men into entering the female dormitory.

I must complain about you!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Did this child not graduate from kindergarten Why was she always snitching on her to teachers

How stupid!

Furthermore, when did she bring a man back to the dormitory

Then, she saw the man who had hurriedly pushed open the door behind the girl in black.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Im really sorry.

I was too anxious and wanted to find Qiqi…”

The man apologized elegantly.

Only then did the girls expression soften.

“If you want to fool around outside, dont affect my reading! Ill let you off this time.”

“Yes, yes.

Young Lady, thank you for being magnanimous.

Qiqi and I will definitely take note.”

The man was still smiling.

He was carefully accommodating her and his posture was very low.

No wonder even such a difficult genius student looked better after being coaxed by him.


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