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Outside the bathroom.

Gong Jue changed into a new set of clean clothes.

He exuded a cold and bloodthirsty aura!

“Catch that d*mned stupid woman back!”


Special Assistant Lus hands trembled and he operated the locator nervously.

“Reporting to Master Jue, Young Lady Qiqis in the hospital.

We have already locked onto her mobile phone.

Do you want to monitor it”

“What for Just catch her back immediately!”


Special Assistant Lu immediately gave out some orders.

A few seconds later…

Gong Jue pursed his lips in annoyance and asked casually.

“Who is she talking to on the phone”

Special Assistant Lu answered carefully.

“Looking at the location information, the other party seems to be from the Imperial Capital.”

Gong Jue became angry.

“Im asking about the gender!”

Special Assistant Lu shivered.


Why was Master Jue asking about gender

Could it be that… that he was jealous

Oh gosh!

This was the first time he had seen a jealous Master Jue!!!

Youre so formidable, Young Lady Qiqi!

The meeting room immediately fell into dead silence.

Gong Jues voice with uncompressed fury caused the air to drop by more than ten degrees.

“Why are you standing there in a daze This prisoner is so bold to make a call.

Why arent you monitoring it If she has an accomplice, catch them back together!”

Special Assistant Lu replied, “Yes!”


He was just holding back his laughter, all right

Dear Master Jue, not only have you learned to be jealous, but youre also trying to cover your jealousy up.

Youre so cold on the outside, but hot on the inside!

In just a few moments, Gu Qiqis voice could be heard from the monitoring device.

Gu Qiqis unique sweet and calm voice, coupled with the mans hoarse and sexy voice, resounded in the meeting room.

“You can ask anything from me.

Ill satisfy you.”

“Can you satisfy anything I ask for”


Gong Jue frowned tightly.

When he heard the word “satisfy”…

He was so angry that smoke seemed to come out from his ears!

This stupid woman! How dare she seduce men!

She had just seduced him, and now she was trying to seduce someone else

How could he allow it!

She must be taken care of!


Qing Cheng Hospital.

Gu Qiqi was still feeling puzzled over that soft voice in her mind.

A crisp ringtone interrupted her thoughts.

The other party was a stranger.

She picked up the call.

A mans voice could be heard.

It was hoarse and sexy.

She had to admit that his voice sounded pleasant and nice.

She never knew that her name could sound so charming when it was called out by a man.

“Youre Gu Qiqi”

“Yes… its me.”

The charmed Gu Qiqi only managed to reply after an awkward pause.

“Chu Junmo.” The man said plainly.


The signal was fuzzy and Gu Qiqi couldnt hear his words properly.

The man didnt explain either.

He only said in a lowered voice, “You did well for the heart operation.”

Gu Qiqi recovered her wits.

She finally realized what was going on!

The person on the other end of the call was that beautiful man on that bed! The big shot!

Was he calling her to repay that favor

Indeed, God hadnt forsaken her.

Gu Qiqi didnt even act polite at all as she asked directly, “Have you recovered from your illness I thought for sure that youre not going to take responsibility…”

On the other end of the call, Chu Junmo played with an expensive fountain pen on his desk.

“Youre right.

I wasnt planning to, but you didnt give me the medicine for the next seven days…”

“How can I recover, then”

Gu Qiqi secretly smiled.

Heh, he found out.

In order to prevent the big shot from shirking away from the favor, Gu Qiqi knew that she had to play her cards well.

Thus, although the operation was a success, no one else apart from her knew that exclusive prescription.

If that beautiful man didnt want to have any sequela, he would definitely come back to find her!

But of course, she still had to be polite on the surface.

“Ah, sorry about that! That was the medicine I gave my younger brother for his heart disease.

There wasnt a lot to begin with.”

Chu Junmo didnt comment on this untenable explanation.

His hoarse voice sounded sexy once again.

“As a thank-you gift for helping me, you can ask anything from me.

Ill satisfy you.”

“Can you satisfy anything I ask for”



Gu Qiqi made a victory sign in her heart.

She won!

In this lifetime, she was finally qualified to negotiate with a big shot.


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