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Chapter 388: Heart Broken into Shards

He was here in the flesh!

What kind of concept was that

This was equivalent to paying a visit to a temple and seeing the Bodhisattva speak.

How blissful!

All of them couldnt wait to squeeze over immediately to toast and exchange pleasantries.

But they were frightened by Gong Jues cold aura and didnt dare to act rashly.

“Master Jue, why dont we have a drink together” Bai Lang suggested tentatively.

Gong Jues gaze was cold.

“Im not free—”

Before he could finish speaking…

His gaze pierced through the French window and focused on a petite figure.

The man frowned slightly.

Then, he sat down at the master seat in front of the French window.

The rich and young masters from the noble families who wanted to toast him just now were all extremely surprised.

Damn it.

They finally had the chance to drink with Master Jue on the same stage.

They felt that their worth had instantly soared by a few times.

Bai Langs lips twitched.

Master Jue, arent you busy

Wasnt he too stubborn to change her mind so quickly

Wasnt he supposed to be an arrogant and cold commander-in-chief who meant what he said

However, this indirectly proved that Master Jue and he were really good brothers who had gone through life and death together… He gave him too much face.

How touching.

Bai Lang raised his glass in satisfaction and was about to clink glasses with Gong Jue to celebrate.

But she suddenly realized that Gong Jues thoughts werent on him at all.

That focused gaze seemed to only belong to a certain demoness…

Puzzled, Bai Lang followed Gong Jues gaze.

Indeed, he saw Gu Qiqis petite back view walking through a group of gamblers who were bidding.

Her small hand occasionally touched a stone and occasionally knocked on a stone with an interested look.

Damn it!

He received ten thousand critical blows.

His fragile heart had already shattered into pieces.

Gong Jue actually didnt stay behind to support him and give him face.

Gong Jue actually only stayed behind to sit by the window and watch the little demon conveniently.

How shocking!


At this moment, in the stone gambling den.

Gu Qiqi still didnt know that she had already become the center of several pairs of eyes.

She had already walked around the venue and carefully got a sense of every stone.

“Master Silver, the appraisal skill has been activated at the last minute.

It consumes energy points very quickly.

We dont have many color points in our inventory anymore.

Have you found the stone you want” The little dirty turtle reminded her dutifully.

Gu Qiqi shook her head.

“There are two pieces of pure old glass jade.

Unfortunately, theres no red jade in the middle.”

Actually, she also knew that this jade wasnt that easy to find.

If it really didnt work, she would come a few more times in the future.

She would be able to bump into it, right

Just as she was about to give up and return home, she heard the little dirty turtle suddenly say in a sharp and urgent voice, “Master, Master.

Look, there are a few new untrimmed quarry stones that have been released over there! Go and take a look again.”

“Didnt you say that there werent enough energy points”

“Eh, Master Silver, your enemies might be gnashing their teeth and thinking about you again.

There are so many negative emotions.

But its good for us since the points will keep rising, haha!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Should she thank them for hating her so much

The last raw material that was taken out was shown on the golden velvet table.

It wasnt good in color and was relatively small in size, around the size of a mans fist.

Gu Qiqis small fair hand had just touched one of them.

Behind her, a waiter stopped her.

“Im sorry, but this stone is for the guest in VIP Room 38 upstairs!”

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows.


She didnt even come down to look at the stone, but it was actually snatched away from afar

There was even such a thing


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