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Chapter 399: Killing Bai Yingzhu In A Moment!

Amidst Gong Jues calmness.

Bai Lang gnashed his teeth and stared intently at the stone opening process below.

The stone cutter activated with a boom and cut the stones!

The thin skin on the side of Gu Qiqis raw stone finally peeled off and immediately revealed a clear and dark color!

The stonecutter exclaimed, “Oh my god! Luckily, I didnt cut it from the middle! I nearly ruined such a good jade!”

After opening stones for the entire night, these appraisers were all indifferent.

After all, what good stones had they not seen before

They were already used to it, okay

This was the first time that he couldnt help but exclaim out loud because a guest had opened her stone.

The rich businessmen had originally surrounded Bai Yingzhu to see her emerald splendor once more.

Upon hearing this exclamation, they couldnt help but turn around and look at Gu Qiqi.

Good jade

Pfft, what good jade could this little inept girl get based on luck!

Just a glance stunned everyone.

“D*mn it! What a transparent jade color!”

“Is this an old glass pit species Thats not right.

The old glass pit species that opened just now wasnt so clear, so transparent, and so deep!”

“This is the first time in my life that Ive seen jade without any impurities! Is this freaking jade or a stained diamond!”

“Gosh, its really an eye-opener!”

“This… What exactly is this jade”

A group of rich businessmen who had been in the stone gambling den for a long time actually didnt recognize the breed of this jade.

Only a small half of the skin had been removed.

A small window was opened, but it couldnt stop the breathtaking glow of the jade.

It wasnt impure at all.

It was dark and cold.

It was like an imposing emperor who looked down on all the living beings coldly.

It was also like a dragon that had dived into the sea.

Although it was a reverent beast.

It was luxurious, cold, and arrogant!

It was just a piece of jade, but it actually gave people such an overwhelming feeling.

It was too incredible.

Everyone immediately felt that the glass species and emeralds that they had seen various experts produce over the years were all boring.

They were too tacky, too common, and too lacking in taste.

This was the real jade.

Jade with a soul.

The rich businessmen surrounded her excitedly.

They couldnt be bothered about Bai Yingzhu at all.

They couldnt wait to observe the splendor of this supreme-grade jade from the nearest distance.

However, as soon as they took a step closer, they felt a faint and cold aura which kept everyone away.

Gu Qiqi was clearly standing there with an indifferent attitude.

She didnt look domineering or cold.

But once they approached her, everyone couldnt help but tremble.

There was a faint herbal scent and a cold aura.

There was also that glow that didnt lose out to the supreme-grade jade stone at all.

This caused the anxious and greedy crowd to flinch.

No one dared to rush towards that supreme-grade jade stone anymore.

Three steps away from Gu Qiqi, everyone stopped in awkwardness.

Finally, someone gathered his courage and whispered, “What exactly is this jade Please enlighten me!”

The appraisers eyes lit up as he gave the answer in a trembling voice.

“This is Dragon Stone Jade! And its the top-notch Deep Water Dragon Stone Jade!”

Deep Water Dragon Stone!

The rich businessmen were all hoarse and speechless.

No wonder they couldnt recognize it.

This kind of beautiful jade that only existed in jade booklets was countless times more valuable than the old glass type jade.

How could ordinary people recognize it

As soon as it appeared, it was almost taken in by the royal family.

It wasnt even their turn to take a look.

Immediately, everyone looked at Gu Qiqi and that jade stone with even more fervor.

Behind her, Bai Yingzhus table became deserted!


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