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Chapter 431: I Can Only Punish Her

Bai Yingzhus face flushed red from Xiao Nings words.

Gritting her teeth, she turned around and reminded Zhang Fan, “Senior Brother, remember everything that Xiao Ning said just now! Remember it! She personally admitted that she had done disgusting things! Its not the first time that she has laid her hands on me! If I remember correctly, Article 132 of the school rules clearly states that students cant use insulting terms and actions between classmates… She actually made me eat pig food and wanted to kick me into a pig dung pit She must be punished today!”

Bai Yingluo shrieked.

That exasperated voice reverberated in the room and was especially piercing.

In the very next second, a dark and cold voice overshadowed her sharp accusation until it lost all its presence.

“Who is it that wants to punish my Little Lemon”

The man pushed open the door lazily.

His voice was as if it was soaked in ice.

His entire person was filled with coldness and indifference.

It was a coldness that made people afraid of approaching him.

Bai Yingzhu said, “Little Uncle!”

Xiao Ning said, “Little Uncle!”

Zhang Fan said, “You… Who are you”

“Xiao Nings relative.” Bai Yeyuan said coldly.

He strode towards Xiao Ning with his long legs.

Every step he took brought with it an incomparable pressure and the dignity of a superior.

Zhang Fans legs started to sway uncontrollably.

He was just a student chairman.

How would he have the chance to meet such a big boss usually

Also, didnt Xiao Ning say just now that her parents were far away in Qing Cheng


Why did her relatives descend from the sky before she called them

At this moment, Xiao Nings astonishment was definitely not inferior to Zhang Fans.

She watched as Bai Yeyuan walked towards her.

Her small heart beat non-stop.

What reverberated in her mind was a certain night before school reopened.

Bai Yeyuan bullied her on the bed and emphasized every word in her ear.

“Little Lemon, since youre in university, you have to study obediently.

There are two rules that you cant break.

Firstly, you cant approach men.

Secondly, you cant fight.

Otherwise… the price is… You understand right… Hmm”

Bai Yeyuans meaningful voice echoed in her ears.

Remembering his usual punishment for her, her legs went soft.

She definitely didnt break the first rule.

But… was bullying Bai Yingzhu considered committing the second crime

Furthermore, Bai Yingzhu was the Bai familys little princess.

Was he here to support her

Thinking about this, Xiao Ning bit her lips tightly and was speechless.

Seeing that the situation was about to lose control, Zhang Fan was afraid that Director Zhao would find out that he wasnt doing his job well and punish him.

He hurriedly withstood the heavy pressure and said with a trembling voice, “This… Sir, if youre Xiao Nings relative, thats… thats for the best.

I believe that you already know that Xiao Ning bullied Bai Yingzhu in school.

Were about to punish her.

I hope that you can educate her well at home.

Otherwise, our punishment will lose its meaning…”

“Who gave you the right to punish her” Bai Yeyuan stood behind Xiao Ning and spoke coldly.

His aura was incomparably cold.

“Only I can punish her.”

Once her voice fell, Xiao Ning couldnt help but shiver.

She was done for.

It seemed that her guess was close.

Bai Yeyuans favorite words were that she could only be punished by him.

In other words, he came to school today to punish her personally.

Thats right.

Wasnt it obvious She was just the Bai familys in-law, while Bai Yingzhu was the real little princess of the Bai family.

Their surnames were both Bai…

If she wasnt desperate, why would she think of looking for him to come to school


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