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Chapter 433: Why Did You Hit Me

She watched as Bai Yingzhu went from smug to defeated.

In the end, she had no choice but to slap her own small face.

Zhang Fan, who was watching from the sidelines, felt like he was about to collapse!

Wasnt this man here to support Bai Yingzhu

Why was she so ruthless to Bai Yingzhu

No, wait.

Xiao Ning seemed to be very familiar with this person too

Damn it! They were family Who exactly was he supporting

He was dumbfounded.

Xiao Ning was even more dumbfounded.

It turned out that Bai Yeyuan didnt ask her to slap her.

Instead… he was here to support her, right

A strange feeling suddenly arose in her heart.

It was as if the most despondent person had obtained a chance at life.

Or perhaps, she was like a person who obtained a drop of water when he was about to die of thirst after running in the endless desert.

Xiao Nings heart beat rapidly and was about to jump out of her throat.

She looked at Bai Yeyuan with hazy eyes.

She couldnt tell anything from this mans usually cold face.

After Bai Yingzhus three slaps, her face was already covered in tears.

When had the arrogant little princess suffered such injustice

As she sobbed, she couldnt help but ask Bai Yeyuan, “Little Uncle, why did you make me hit myself What did I do wrong”


Xiao Ning was also very nervous and wanted to know why.

Her small hands clenched tightly.

She was afraid and looked forward to that answer.

Bai Yeyuan was silent for a moment before he said coldly, “In the future, whenever I hear you say the wordlowly to her, Ill hit her once.


“I… I understand…” Bai Yingzhu shivered.

Bai Yeyuans gaze was too terrifying.

It was as if she was silently saying, “If you dare to bully Xiao Ning again, wait for me to take care of you.”

But in fact, it was clearly Xiao Ning who was bullying her!

After Bai Yeyuan finished speaking, he pulled Xiao Nings hand up very naturally.

“Be good.

Lets go home.”

Xiao Nings small hand shrank slightly and she struggled for a while.

She felt Bai Yingzhu and Zhang Fan staring intently at her.

If she shook her hand at this moment… it would cause more suspicion, right

On the other hand, it was more normal to let him hold her hand.

Wasnt it normal to hold hands with close acquaintances

Zhang Fan watched as Bai Yeyuan took Xiao Ning away.

Only then did she realize that he would be unable to explain himself.

He took two steps forward.

“That… Mr….


Bai, please hold on! You cant take Xiao Ning away.

We havent finished dealing with her yet.

Her punishment…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Bai Yeyuan suddenly said in the domineering tone of a superior.

“I said before that I can only punish her!”

Zhang Fan was so shocked that he couldnt breathe.

He forced himself to say a few intermittent words.

“Yes… You said it before… But this is really against the rules, Mr.


Our schools rule book has 132 rules—”

Bai Yeyuan laughed coldly.

“Your rules are your business.

But between Bai Yingzhu and Xiao Ning, its our Bai familys business.

Dont try to interfere.”

Zhang Fan was speechless.

In front of this cold man, he wasnt his match at all.

There was no way to refute that at all!

Bai Yingzhu was speechless.

Wuwuwuwu, in the future, she could only scold that little b*tch in her heart…

Bai Yeyuan left with Xiao Ning without the slightest hesitation.

In the corridor.

They bumped into Gong Jue.

The moment their gazes met, the two men with powerful auras nodded slightly.

“Master Jue.”


“Im here to handle a disobedient child.

Master Jue, what are you doing”

“The same.”

They understood each other and exchanged looks.

Without saying a word, they parted ways.

Xiao Ning looked at Gong Jue curiously.

She listened to their concise conversation.

She couldnt help but think to herself, other than her and Qiqi, who else made a mistake


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