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Chapter 434: I Have The Right, Dont I!

Xiao Ning stole a few more looks at Gong Jue.

She kept feeling that something was wrong.

Had she seen this man somewhere before


This man was so noble and cold.

He even had that bit of wild coldness compared to the reserved Bai Yeyuan.

He should be an influential figure, right

How could she and Qiqi know such a person

Then, he wasnt here to save Qiqi.


“Are other men that good-looking Hmm Little Lemon, it seems that youve forgotten the first rule.”

Bai Yes cold and teasing voice rang in her ears.

Xiao Nings thoughts were immediately pulled back.

Xiao Ning withdrew her gaze and said with a slight panic, “No, no.

Im not looking at anyone else.

Little Uncle, thank you… for today!”

Thank you for helping me out and supporting me.

Thank you for believing that I didnt bully Bai Yingzhu.

Thank you… for standing by my side unconditionally.

As long as she thought of Bai Yinghus despairing, jealous, and sobbing face, she felt that even if she went back and was “punished” by her uncle, what happened today would only be worth it.

How much of a slap was that to Bai Yingzhus face

It was too good.

But in the very next second…

Bai Yeyuan curved his lips into a smile.

“I dont like people saying thank you verbally.

I prefer actions.”


Xiao Ning bit her lips and didnt know how to answer.

Fortunately, Bai Yeyuan was in a good mood.

He didnt need her answer and could entertain himself.

“However, if its you, I can consider it even if you thank me verbally.

Oh, using… your mouth isnt bad either…”

Xiao Nings small face flushed red.

What a mouth! This old pervert! Wasnt he afraid of going too far

How evil.


In the discipline office.

Director Zhao directly expelled Gu Qiqi as her punishment.

“Are you the principal You want me to withdraw from school” Gu Qiqi laughed instead of getting angry.

She looked at him coldly.

Director Zhao slammed the table.

“Who cares about the principal The disciplinary office has the final say in a student breaking the rules!”

Seeing that the two of them were arguing again, Mu Liuchuan had a splitting headache.

He wanted to go up and dissuade them, but unfortunately, neither side listened to him.

This young business elite—who had always been at ease and in high spirits in the business world—was actually at a loss for words for a moment.

At this moment, he really wanted to blame Gu Qiqi.

Why was she so stubborn Why didnt she know how to be more flexible

Regardless of whether she had violated the rules or not, she had to lower her head and admit her mistake first!

He had already tried his best to speak up for her.

Why didnt she cooperate

Amidst his complaints, suddenly—

“Who cares about me I want to know what my place is too!”

The door was pushed open again.

The old principal barged in angrily and glared at him.

Mu Liuchuans eyes lit up.

What a life-saving straw to clutch at!

“Principal…” Relying on his status as an outstanding graduate, he was once a famous figure in school.

He greeted the principal politely.

Unfortunately, the truth slapped him ruthlessly once more.

The old principal didnt have the time to care about him.

Instead, he walked straight to Gu Qiqi and said cordially, “Classmate Qiqi, Ive let you suffer.

Dont worry, our Imperial Medical University has a strict school policy.

We definitely wont slander our students casually…”

“Old man principal, are you trying to interfere in my work” Director Lius expression was extremely ugly.

The old principal frowned.

“I advise you to understand the situation…”

Although he felt embarrassed for a moment as he had been caught badmouthing someone, he quickly dismissed it.

“You should be the one understanding the situation! Our discipline team works independently and is directly accountable to the higher-ups! Even if youre the principal, you have no right to interfere with me!”

“He doesnt have the right but I have the right, dont you think”

A cold question traveled over faintly.


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