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Chapter 435: Gong Jue Was Definitely The Master!

When this cold question was asked, everyone in the room couldnt help but tremble.

The agitated principal immediately restrained his anger.

Needless to say, Director Zhao and Mu Liuchuan felt an extremely cold aura pressing down on them such that they couldnt breathe.

Only Gu Qiqi was used to the mans arrogance and recklessness.

She looked back in astonishment.

He was really here!

And so quickly!

She had called him just a few seconds ago.

Did he come here on a rocket

Following the mans cold voice, the sound of leather boots hit the ground forcefully.

Someone pulled open the door respectfully and bent down to respectfully invite him in.

In the very next second.

Gong Jues tall and imposing figure exuded an imposing aura even without being angry.

He strode in and sat down on the master seat impolitely.

It was as if he took it for granted that he was the absolute ruler on any occasion.

Director Zhao watched as Gong Jue appeared domineeringly and snatched his territory.

He was furious.

Resisting the tension, he said with difficulty, “Hey, this is the discipline office.

I have the final say! What rights do you have to… come in as you please!”

Gong Jue looked up coolly and raised his chin, but he had no intention of answering him.

When had Director Zhao been looked down upon like this before

Even the old principal had to weigh his words when he spoke to him.

When he was mocked and provoked by him, he didnt dare to really do anything.

On what basis did this man come to his territory to show off

He didnt agree!

Director Zhao gnashed his teeth and said again, “Do… Do you know who I am”

I was sent here by the higher-ups!

In the very next second.

The mans answer nearly made him fume!

“Do I have to know who you are”

Gong Jues handsome eyebrows stood up coldly.

He was filled with disdain.

Actually, this was really the truth.

There was really no need for him to know such a small characters name.

Director Zhao nearly died from anger, but the old principal had a benevolent smile on his face and laughed.

“Hey, its a misunderstanding! Anyway, Young Lady Qiqi didnt do anything wrong.

Ill represent the school to apologize to Young Lady Qiqi! Director Zhao, dont cause trouble.

Hurry up and apologize to Young Lady Qiqi too.

This matter will be over like this, hahaha.”

The first principle of the old principal was to smooth things over.

It was fine as long as he could coax Master Jue back happily.

How could Director Zhao be willing


How was he going to survive in the Empire Medical University in the future

Ever since the students saw him, they were like mice that had seen a cat.

No matter how rebellious the students were, they were still afraid of the discipline office.

Now, he was apologizing to a young girl who had just entered the school Then, what status did he have in the school

Director Zhao gnashed his teeth and said, “Gu Qiqi violated the school rules and humiliated her classmate first.

She should be expelled! Why should I apologize to a person who should be expelled!”

The old principal was speechless.

Sigh, Old Zhao, this is the best I can help you.

You cant see the situation clearly but insist on courting death.

I cant do anything else for you.

Upon hearing this, Gong Jue snorted coldly.

“School rules What happened Have you violated them”

Gu Qiqi was still in shock.

After a while, she realized that Gong Jue was talking to her.

She coughed lightly and explained lightly to Gong Jue, “I saw a senior bullying a freshman.

I was so angry that I beat him up.

They kept saying that I violated the school rules, but the senior who bullied a freshman was fine.”

She couldnt be bothered to explain previously.

But for some reason, she couldnt help but say it when she saw Gong Jue.

She was like a child who complained to her parents about her injustice.


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