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Chapter 44: Serve Him For 24 Hours

Okay, okay.

Hes domineering, hes always right.

After all, he had her phone and her locked up.

If she played along, would this man be happy and let her off

Gu Qiqi knew when to yield and when to stand tall.

A smile appeared on her exquisite face.

She got up, took his bowl, and scooped some soup for him.

Then, she used his chopsticks to pick up some food for him.

After she was done, she asked with a smile, “Will this do”

Gong Jue stared at those slender fingers without blinking.

Her skin was like white jade and she looked alluring.

His Adams apple bobbed.

It turned out that not only was this stupid womans mouth attractive, but her small hands were also…

He only had to think about what that delicate hand could do for him…

“From now on, you are to serve me 24 hours a day! To atone for your mistakes!”

Gong Jues voice was hoarse.

He picked up the soup bowl, drained it in one gulp, and placed it heavily on the table.

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

What He really treated her as a little maid

Although her heart was filled with dissatisfaction, she clenched her small hands.

In order to find a chance to take back her things, she had to tolerate it for now!

She forced an indifferent smile and prepared another bowl of soup for him.

His fair and slender fingers danced in front of Gong Jue once more.

Gong Jue had drunk three bowls of soup for this meal, but the heat in his stomach didnt reduce in the slightest!

He didnt know if it was because of the soup or some other reason, but he felt that his lower abdomen was swelling up even more and was about to explode.

Holding back his desire to speak, he got up and went straight to the bathroom!

A cold shower!

He desperately needed a cold shower to quell some agitation.

Gu Qiqi looked at his back view in wonder.

She curled her lips, put away the utensils, and went to the kitchen.

The boy turned around and ran down the stairs quietly.

His big round eyes scanned the room.

Hehe, no one!


Passing by the dining table, hhe picked up the fruit platter and ran outside.

When Gu Qiqi came out of the kitchen and saw the empty dining table, she frowned.

“Eh Wheres the fruit Was it dragged away by a mouse When the man with erectile dysfunction finds out that theres no fruit to eat later, will he think that Ive eaten it secretly and use it as an excuse to get angry”

Feeling depressed, she could only go to the fridge to get some fruits and wash them.

But this time, even after it was dark, Gong Jue didnt go downstairs.

Gu Qiqi sat in a daze in front of the dining table.

She didnt want to return to her cramped room where she would be controlled by the domineering man with erectile dysfunction.

Who knows what he will do

Bored, Gu Qiqi was observing the people entering and exiting the training ground when she noticed a strange phenomenon.

The people who waited on Gong Jue were all men!

Even Special Assistant Lu was a man who delivered documents and cleaned the house!

This was a small company without women, how interesting.

“Little Sister-in-law, youre back”

A man walked by and called out to her.

Gu Qiqi was stunned for a moment before she remembered.

This was the gatekeeper that she had knocked out last time when she was escaping.

“Ahem… About that, Im sorry.”

“Its fine.

I know that youre having an argument with him.

Special Assistant Lu is a really good person.

Hes like our Master Jue—he never gets close to women.

Hes definitely clean both physically and mentally!”

“Ah” Gu Qiqi knew that this man had misunderstood and wanted to explain to him.


“You said that your Master Jue is clean Heh heh!”

She heard everything over the phone.

He had slept with a woman in the hospital before.


“Thats right.

Our Master Jue is a virgin.

Special Assistant Lu is also an old virgin.

So, please forgive him and give him a chance to reconcile tonight.

Isnt it said that quarreling at the head of a bed can only end in reconciliation… Oh, Special Assistant Lu, why did you hit me Im helping you!”

The man screamed.

Her head hurt.

When he turned around, he saw Special Assistant Lu glaring at him in misery.

Behind Special Assistant Lu was their respected Chief.

His face was dark!

The man nearly pissed his pants!

If he knew that the Chief was listening, would he dare to talk about old virgins

“Run 20 laps, 200 squats! 2000 lines for the coding systems! You two, dont sleep until youre done!”

Gong Jues cold voice rang out.

He glared at Special Assistant Lu in annoyance.

Little Sister-in-law Hmm

He turned around and looked at Gu Qiqi with an unpleasant expression.

“What are you talking about with him Go back to your room!”

Gu Qiqi felt like she had been implicated.

Back to her room Wh-what for


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