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Chapter 465: The Jealousy Vat Exploded On The Spot

Chu Junmo put down the phone.

He watched as Gu Qiqi and Gong Jue disappeared.

His long and cold eyes narrowed slightly.

“I originally wanted to give her some more time to grow up, but I didnt expect you to beat me to it, Gong Jue.

In that case, I dont need to keep a low profile anymore…”

After all these years of being alone, this was the only bit of joy and brilliance he had encountered.

How could he just let go like this

Furthermore, he was the one who encountered it first.

At Qingcheng Hospital, that fair hand tugged at his hospital gown and covered his heart…

From that moment on, the frequency of his heartbeat lost its original lonely and desolate rhythm!

In this life, he didnt want to miss it again!

In the car, Assistant Lu saw that Gong Jue had found Gu Qiqi.

He thought Gong Jue would be very happy.

But Master Jue looked like someone owed him 5.5 billion yuan.

What was going on

Then, he looked at Miss Qiqis weird expression…

Sigh, cant these two lovebirds just date normally and have a meal together

He tried to break the awkward atmosphere.

“Master Jue, Miss Qiqi, are you going to eat now”

“No!” Gu Qiqi pouted.

Gong Jue had actually used that shameless method to seduce her just now.

She was really angry.

Gong Jue glanced at her.

The way she threw a tantrum and refused to eat was exactly the same as three-year-old Baby Gong.

He was both angry and amused at the same time.

He asked, “You dont want to eat with me, but you want to eat with Chu Junmo”

Gu Qiqi did not even think about it and blurted out, “Its very interesting to have a meal with him and talk about pharmaceutical studies.

I might even have an appetite.”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Damn it, Im the one who made you lose your appetite, right


Gu Qiqi thought to herself.

“What if I get teased again after having dinner with you Its too dangerous!”

Gong Jue was silent for a moment.

His heart was already on the verge of exploding from rage.

However, he suppressed his temper, afraid that he would scare her.

He lowered his voice and said, “The Chu familys background is very complicated.

Hes not as innocent and harmless as you think he is.

Dont meet him in the future!”

Most importantly, that bastard had ill intentions towards you.

Stupid woman, are you so stupid that you cant see it

Gu Qiqi frowned.

Chu Junmo was very complicated

Yeah, its normal.

Which overbearing CEO didnt kill decisively and overcome all obstacles on his way He even had to use some shady methods to consolidate his business empire.

This was too normal.

What was there to be afraid of

More importantly, she owed Chu Junmo a lot of favors.

As a person, one had to repay kindness.

One could clearly distinguish between gratitude and grudges.

She could not pretend that she did not know and ignore him from now on.

She could not do such a heartless thing.

“Why Are you unwilling Do you still want to meet that wild man” Gong Jue was furious when he saw Gu Qiqi hesitating.

The wordswild man completely woke Gu Qiqi up.

What did Gong Jue take Chu Junmo for

Could it be…

Was he… jealous

This realization shocked Gu Qiqi.

She knew that Gong Jue had always been domineering and would never go back on his word.

But being domineering and jealousy were two different things.

What right did he have to be jealous Didnt he know that he had a bunch of rotten peach blossoms around him

She wasnt even jealous!

She looked up and her gaze met Gong Jues.

She could not help but ask, “Then, will you never meet that female doctor in a white coat again”

In the drivers seat, Special Assistant Lus hand jerked and almost turned the steering wheel towards the road ditch.

Oh my god, is that Bai Mori youre talking about

How could the Chief not meet with Bai Mori

Do you know that in the past few days, the Chief has been putting in a lot of effort.

In order to guide the two killers from S Country, Fu Mao and Ring A, to stalk Bai Moli, he had specially met her twice!


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