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Chapter 48: He Was Three Years Old

It was that handsome face that would anger both men and gods.

However, the mans hair was slightly messy.

He looked tired, and his pair of cold and fierce eyes seemed to have lost their coldness.

Instead, they seemed more noble and elegant.

His long and thick eyelashes cast a small shadow on his face.

He was so damn good-looking!

Most importantly, the mans body was actually…

He was actually leaning against her peacefully, his head subconsciously rubbing against her neck.

Gu Qiqi unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The way that the domineering man looked when he was still half-asleep was so adorable!

She would even believe that he was three years old!

She gathered her courage and stretched out her slender fingers to rub his eyelashes.

Her fingertips itched.

His eyelashes were so long and thick!

It felt amazing.

Gu Qiqi couldnt help but rub it repeatedly.

“What are you doing”

Suddenly, a cold voice exploded in her ears.

A biting cold murderous aura engulfed Gu Qiqi!

Oh no! The domineering man was awake!

Gu Qiqis finger froze in mid-air.

Gong Jue waved her hand away and looked at her coldly.

“Stupid woman, you still want to plot against me Why dont you weigh your own capabilities first”

She felt angry immediately.

Gu Qiqi shook her throbbing fingers and glared at him.

“Youre the one who insisted on clinging onto me.

Ill have to trouble you to sort this out.”

Gong Jue lowered his head and looked at the place where he had clasped her small waist.

A patch of snow-white skin could be seen.

It was breathtaking.

Gong Jues throat tightened.

She let go of him abruptly like he was burning her hand.

She lifted the blanket and strode into the bathroom.

Amidst the sound of running water,

Gu Qiqi, who had been thrown onto the bed, couldnt help but swear.


Was that domineering man schizophrenic He must be sick! Definitely.

This change in attitude was faster than flipping pages of a book.

The cuteness from a second ago, and the coldness a second later made him seem like a completely different person.

The contrast was so strong that it was shocking.

Gu Qiqi wrapped herself in the covers and tried to sneak out.

Once he pulled open the door, Special Assistant Lu stood outside with an embarrassed look on his old face.

“Young Lady Qiqi, this is your customized… school uniform.”

Oh, how embarrassing!

Since Gu Qiqi and the boy had escaped before, the security downstairs was obviously much tighter.

For the next few days, Gu Qiqi couldnt find a chance to slip away.

Gong Jue was away on a business trip for a few days again.

Gu Qiqi was extremely anxious.

She wanted to contact the nursing home to ask her younger brother if something had happened to him, and she also wanted to contact Xiao Ning to ask about her pregnancy.

But everyone obeyed Gong Jues orders and no one dared to give her a phone.

Until a week later.

Gong Jue returned looking jet lagged.

As soon as he entered, he issued an order coldly.

“Change your clothes! Come with me to the banquet!”

Gu Qiqi was very anxious.

But she knew that the more anxious she was, the more she couldnt let the other party see through her act.

Otherwise, the other party would definitely have something on her that she could use against her!

She played with her fingers slowly and looked through the clean fingernails that looked like seashells.

She replied casually, “No.

Unless… You return my phone to me.

If Im happy, I can consider it.”

Gong Jues face fell.

Why was this little moron throwing a tantrum like the boy

Wasnt it just a lousy cell phone

“Special Assistant Lu, hand it over!” He ordered coldly.

Gu Qiqi was delighted.

However, she pretended to be indifferent.

“I only said that I would consider it.

I didnt say that I would definitely agree to it.”

Gong Jue looked up coolly and said coldly, “I didnt say that I was going to give it to you either.”

Damn, youre ruthless, man with erectile dysfunction.

Gu Qiqi pouted, gnashing her teeth with hatred.

Gong Jue took over her phone and casually flipped through her contacts.

If it werent for the fact that he was unhappy about going to the banquet tonight he was forced to go, did this stupid woman really think that she would have a chance to negotiate with him

His long and slender fingers froze.

Gong Jues sharp gaze landed on a name on the contact list.

“Little Master Xiao Ning.”

Gong Jues face immediately turned dark like the sky before a storm.


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