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Chapter 489: The Extravagant Chu Junmo

One day, she would slap his face personally!

Gu Qiqis handsome support and protection made Yang Xiaolan feel mixed emotions.

Her eyes couldnt help but redden.


Xiao Ning sighed faintly.

“Xiaolan, that look in your eyes is just short of giving your body to Qiqi!”

Yang Xiaolans heart skipped a beat.

She looked down and was too embarrassed to say anything.

“Oh, ignore that guy who wants to see the world burn.

Whats the name of the new shop Chairman Xiaolan” Gu Qiqi gently helped her resolve the awkwardness.

Yang Xiaolans sour and nervous mood was immediately washed away.

She couldnt help but laugh through her tears.

“Qiqi, youre laughing at me… Im not good at giving names.

Can you help me think of one”

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself for a moment and sought Yang Iron Fists opinion.

“Qing Yuxuan has been stolen.

We can only give up our original name.

Lets use Xiao Lans name this time.

Lan Ting, okay”

Lan Ting.

The first impression it gave to people was a preface written by a calligrapher, Wang Xizhi, which had the same name.

Then, everyone would feel an antique and noble aura.

This name didnt have that aggressive business aura, but it had a very strong presence.

It was a kind of independent arrogance.

Iron Fist Yang agreed completely.

“Its very artistic!”

Xiao Ning said, “Sure.

Gentle and domineering! You cant think of anything more awesome than this even if you break my brain.”

Yang Xiaolan muttered.

“…I like Qiqis name.”

Gu Qiqi was already thinking about the next important question.

“I have a name, I have a concept, and the style of the first batch of jewelry is also set.

Im just short of…”

“The venue!” This time, Little Master Xiao Ning reacted the fastest.

“Qingyu Xuan has climbed up the big tree known as the Medical Hall.

The sales definitely have been guaranteed.

If we only open a small shop, or even a small workshop in this small rental house… Thats too low.

How are we going to reach the market”

Iron Fist Yang was also worried.

“The ancestral house has already been sold.

We still owe rent for this small courtyard that were renting now… Sigh…”

A man relied on clothes and a horse relied on a saddle.

A shop relied on the location and signboard.

Without a high-quality venue, how were they going to improve the quality of the product

Gu Qiqi thought for a while.

“What about the Chu clan”

The Chu clan

Bais archenemy.

If the Chu clan was willing to provide a venue for Lan Ting, just like the treatment that the Bai clan gave Qing Yuxuan, they could set up Lan Tings counter in every Chu clan pharmacy.

Then, Lan Ting wouldnt have to worry about not having a place to sell!

This line of thought was simply too awesome.


“The Chu family has a strong background.

Their big chairman, Chu Junmo, lives in seclusion.

How can he easily agree to our request” Yang Iron Fist deeply felt the difficulty of starting a new business.

Xiao Ning was also worried.

It would be hard if it was someone else, but she might be able to beg her uncle for help.

But the Chu clan was the Bai clans archenemy.

She had to beg her uncle to help her plead with the enemy Oh my god, her uncle would kill her on the bed…

Amidst the hesitation, Gu Qiqi said lightly, “What an unlucky coincidence.

I happen to know Chu Junmo.

Perhaps, I can talk to him.”

“Unlucky This is called unlucky!” Little Master Xiao Ning nearly jumped up.

“Enough, hurry up and see him! Yes, well go tonight! We must do everything to negotiate this contract!”

Yang Xiaolan twisted her fingers nervously.

She didnt want Qiqi to risk everything!

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Why did she feel that Little Master Xiao Nings words were a little awkward

However, Chu Junmo looked cold.

Would he really agree to cooperate

“Ill try.” When Gu Qiqi said these words, she indeed only had the attitude of trying.

But when she really took a taxi to the Chu familys old residence…

The grand welcome at the door was completely unexpected!

The front door of the Chu familys old residence opened.

The servants in white lined up neatly on both sides and bowed.

Chu Junmo was dressed in a sky-blue long robe.

He stood with his hands behind his back against the wind.

Under the faint moonlight, he looked noble and dignified.

The moment he saw her.

A few degrees of warmth finally appeared on the mans cold face.


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