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Chapter 49: The Most Advanced Black Technology

Gong Jues cold face was dark.

This stupid womans private life is so chaotic!

Not only was she fooling around with that wild man when she escaped, she also carried a pregnancy test kit with her.

There were also so many men saved in her phone—Little Master

“One look at this name and I can tell that hes a sissy!” Gong Jue snorted coldly in disdain.

Stupid womans terrible taste.

“Why are you looking at my phone” Gu Qiqis vigilant voice traveled over.

Gong Jues long and slender fingers flipped through it twice.

The words “Little Master Xiao Ning” were immediately covered.

The number was still there.

However, it could no longer be dialed out nor could it be entered.

It had been moved to a blacklist.

Using the most advance black technology!

Gu Qiqi took over the phone and flipped through it.

She didnt find anything abnormal.

She blinked her big and clear eyes and said slowly, “I still have to think about it whether Im in the mood to attend the banquet with you tonight…”

However, Gong Jue ignored her completely.

He immediately ordered Special Assistant Lu.

“Go and get her an evening gown.

Well set off in three minutes!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Three minutes and three seconds later.

Gong Jue was already getting impatient from waiting in the backseat of the car!

Gu Qiqi finally pulled open the car door.

“Late! One of the things that I hate the most.

Ill remember this score for you first…” Gong Jues unhappy voice came to an abrupt halt.

Frowning, he looked at Gu Qiqi.

A petite girl in a brand-new school uniform got into the car with a wicked smile on her face.

“Wheres your evening gown” He said with a sinister tone.

“It doesnt fit!” Gu Qiqi said confidently.

Gong Jue frowned and stared at Gu Qiqis collar for a few seconds.

“Thats impossible.

I measured it myself.”

Gu Qiqi was furious.

She laughed.

“That might be because your size is a little small.”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Why did these words sound so ambiguous

Although Gong Jue really wanted to rip off Gu Qiqis school uniform and change her into the expensive evening gown that he had ordered customized for her…

But looking at Gu Qiqis innocent and charming look when she wore the school uniform, he actually felt that she looked ten thousand times better than the evening gown.

He must be blind.

“Get in the car!”

At a private villa.

Gu Qiqi was speechless as she looked at the hosts welcoming gesture.

At least fifty Filipino maids were lined up in two rows.

They stood respectfully in front of the villas entrance.

More than a hundred bodyguards stood in a dark corner a little further away.

They stood guard at the side in a dignified manner.

The master and wife personally went to the door and bowed to welcome them.

She didnt expect that this man with erectile dysfunction to be so influential.

He wasnt a national treasure, so why was the security so tight It was as if countless people wanted to assassinate him.

She glanced at the owner and was a little surprised.

This was a famous entrepreneur in Qing Cheng, the chairman of a Chamber of Commerce.

Gu Qiqi wondered what kind of position Gong Jue held in the company.

Could it be that the young manager was relying on the companys reputation to intimidate others Even the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce had appeared to receive him

But such a line-up was simply not worth mentioning in Gong Jues eyes.

If it werent for the fact that he had to placate the business circles in Qing Cheng and go through the motions, he wouldnt even appear at this dinner party.

He pulled Gu Qiqi out of the car.

Before Gu Qiqi realized that she had tripped and before she fell down the escalator, he quickly gripped her small waist and scolded her.

“Stupid woman, dont you have a brain Do you even have eyes”

The male host was secretly surprised.

It was said that Master Jue didnt like women.

But from the looks of it now…

Master Jue was clearly arrogant and didnt even look at him properly.

But he immediately notice that the young lady had tripped over something.

How frustrating!

Hence, at the dinner table that night, the male owner didnt dare to provoke Gong Jue—who was as cold as ice.

He could only curry favor with Gu Qiqi.

“Young Lady Qiqi, may I know your relationship with our Master Jue is…”

Faced with this gossipy question from the master of the house, Gu Qiqi suddenly played the villain and said with a smile.

“This is my uncle.

Im his little niece.”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Damn it! When have I become such an old uncle!

He was about to retort when all of a sudden, Gu Qiqis slender and fair arm stretched over and hugged his arm!

Gong Jues body stiffened.

An electric current struck his mind and traveled to his limbs and bones.

How numbing!

That stupid woman touched him again!

But nothing happened to him.


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