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The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce was enlightened.

So, they were uncle and niece.

No wonder they were so intimate.

Hence, his attitude towards Gu Qiqi became even more hospitable.

This meal was originally meant to flatter Gong Jue.

But because Gong Jue was too cold and arrogant, he didnt say more than three words in total.

Thus, during the entire meal, Gu Qiqi became the person that the host tried to curry favor with.

Gu Qiqi thought that it was quite fun.

From time to time, she would find an opportunity to agitate Gong Jue.

The chairman asked, “Young Lady Qiqi, how old are you”

She replied sarcastically.

“Ask my uncle! Eh Uncle, you should know how old I am, right”

Gong Jues face darkened.

How old was she when he graduated from high school He had never studied in China, so how would he know

Although he didnt know her age, he knew how old she was in other places!

Gong Jue swept a sinister glance at Gu Qiqis chest.

Wait till tonight! Ill teach her a lesson!

Gu Qiqi laughed and teased Gong Jue a few times.

She succeeded in making Gong Jues face darken again.

Just as the veins on Gong Jues forehead throbbed and he was about to explode…

Outside the door, there was a sudden commotion.

“Let me in… You dont know me anymore”

Gu Qiqi frowned.

This voice was familiar!

Just as the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce was about to scold her, the chairmans wife suddenly whispered, “Theyre my sisters who do cosmetic operations with me.

They came to send me top-notch Blood Swallow Lamps.”

The chairman glared at her angrily.

What an insensible woman.

Didnt she see that Chief was here

He smiled obsequiously.

“Master Jue, about that…”

Before she could finish speaking, the person outside the door had already barged in!

Gu Meifeng was holding a huge crystal gift box.

The blood swallows inside looked perfect as they lined up neatly.

Behind her was Gu Xuexue, who had just come out of the hospital.

Her head was wrapped in gauze and her hands were holding the exact same gift box!

Gu Qiqi raised her brows.


The Gu family had actually hidden such an expensive box of blood swallow.

They had never been willing to take it out for her to eat.

They were very generous to give them away now.

Gu Meifeng led Gu Xuexue straight to the chairmans wifes table.

Placing the gift box on the table, she knelt down with a plop!

“Madam, you must save my Brother Qiushan.

He was wronged.

That operation was done by Zhu You.

It had nothing to do with him at all.

However, he was sued and thrown into jail.

He wasnt even bailed out.

I beg you and the chairman to help us clear our relationship so that we can save him.

Hes going to jail at such an old age, he will die!”

Gu Meifeng was in a miserable state as she cried and cried.

On the other hand, Gu Xuexue looked nonchalant as she stole glances in all directions.

When she saw that Gu Qiqi was sitting next to Gong Jue on the noble master seat, Gu Xuexue was stunned!

How could that useless bookworm be in the VIP seat of the Chamber of Commerces chairman

And the man next to her was so handsome.

How did that useless bookworm manage to curry favor with him

Gu Qiqi rubbed her chin and thought to herself, Gu Qiushan has been arrested

Thats great!

It seemed that not only did that beautiful man on the sickbed keep his promise, but he was also powerful enough to take care of Gu Qiushan and Zhu You so quickly.

If she had the chance to meet him again, she would definitely give him a thumbs-up!

As she was thinking about this, she saw Gu Xuexue peeking at her and she glared back at her coldly!

Gu Xuexue thought of the disfigured scar on her forehead and hated Gu Qiqi to the core.

Looking at Gu Qiqi, she was about to spit fire.

Gu Qiqi looked at her with disdain and mouthed, “If I knew that you would come out to have fun, I wouldve smashed your entire head open!”

Gong Jue remained silent.

But from the corner of her eye, he had already seen Gu Qiqis arrogant look.

It seemed that this stupid woman not only had a bad relationship with her biological father, but also her cousin and auntie.

Since that was the case…

“Chase them out! How can they cry in front of Master Jue Chase them out!”

When the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce impatiently ordered his subordinates to drive them out…

Gong Jue suddenly raised his arm slowly and said coldly,


Gu Qiqi turned to glance at him in astonishment.

No way! She had a feud with them.

This domineering man with erectile dysfunction was deliberately making things difficult for her!


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