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Chapter 516: Doting On Her

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Special Assistant Lu understood this and could only sigh.

Compared to Young Lady Qiqi, Bai Moris life was too worthless in Master Jues eyes…

Fortunately, the Bai familys bodyguards werent bad.

At the same time, the Gong family also had bodyguards disguised as bodyguards to secretly protect Bai Mori.

As long as Bai Mori didnt court death herself and did some dangerous things or disobediently leave their sight, she should still be safe.

They would kill those two assassins at the critical moment and do their best to ensure that Bai Mori wasnt taken away.

Special Assistant Lu was about to go out and execute his orders.

Gong Jue suddenly stopped him and said, “Bring me the veterinary school curriculum form to take a look!”


Special Assistant Lu was about to be dumbfounded.

Chief, is it appropriate for you to look at a class schedule of a small school with your noble eyes Is it appropriate

However, he still obediently hacked into the Imperial Medical Universitys teaching system in ten seconds.

With tears in his eyes, he retrieved the class schedule from his phone.

“Master Jue, for you…”

“Check her class.”


Who was he talking about

Forget it.

Who else could it be It must be Young Lady Qiqi.

“Ive found it! Young Lady Qiqi has lessons for the remaining half of the month…”

Gong Jue said coldly, “One request.

Prevent her class time with your actions!”

Upon hearing this, Special Assistant Lu finally understood.

D*mn it.

Master Jue was worried that their encirclement operation would affect Young Lady Qiqis class! Or, he was worried that an accident would happen during the operation and Young Lady Qiqi would be implicated in school…

This careful protection was too overwhelming!

Master Jue, are you going to spoil Young Lady Qiqi to the skies!

However, he could only swallow this choking news with tears in his eyes.

He nodded fiercely.

“I understand! Ill definitely do something about it! By the way, Master Jue, I remember that Young Lady Qiqi still has one more test to take in the pharmaceutical school exam.

It will be postponed for a few days.

Its said that Feng Yangchu will pull everyone into the wilderness to test their ability to identify medicine.

Why dont we wait for Young Lady Qiqi to finish the school entrance exam before we make a move”

Gong Jue nodded in satisfaction.


Special Assistant Lu felt as if he had been granted amnesty and hurriedly walked out the door.

He would rather die from exhaustion than be fed dog food by the Chief.

However, just as he reached the door.

Gong Jue suddenly said coolly, “Wait a minute.”

Special Assistant Lus back turned cold.

What new tricks did the Chief have in mind

Gong Jue said, “No one is allowed to leak any information regarding her blood.

Otherwise… kill the person without mercy!”

The word “kill” was bone-chilling!

Special Assistant Lu shivered.


Chief, other than you and me, no one knew that that was Young Lady Qiqis blood.

Those doctors were only doing the test step by step and didnt know the origin of the blood.

Special Assistant Lu rubbed his neck worriedly.

Yes, he wouldnt say it.

He wouldnt say it even if he was beaten to death.

He walked to the door and closed the door with trembling hands.

Just as the door was about to close, he was once again caught off guard and stuffed with a mouthful of vicious and sweet dog food!

Gong Jue turned off the monitoring screen and viewed the video on his phone.

Someone sent the Chief the video of Young Lady Qiqi taking the entrance exam of the pharmaceutical school.

Gong Jue was watching with relish.

In fact, when he saw the part where Young Lady Qiqi used Chinese medicine to torture scumbags, he even curved his lips and laughed out loud…

The Chief—who had always been as cold as a snow lotus on an ice mountain—actually laughed foolishly at Young Lady Qiqis video… This world was definitely a fantasy.

Special Assistant Lu shivered..

He felt that he was only one step away from choking to death.


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