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Chapter 518: Blinding My Titanium Eyes

“One of you is much fatter than me…” Gu Qiqi pointed at Xiao Ning.

“One is much thinner than me…” Gu Qiqi pointed at Yang Xiaolan.

“Your clothes dont fit me.

I better go home and choose a random dress.”

Xiao Ning was speechless.

How heartbreaking! Hey, hey, hey! Cant we enjoy ourselves happily Ive been fed by my uncle every day recently.

Thats why Im a little fat, okay

Yang Xiaolan was speechless.

Qiqi was so handsome.

Whatever Qiqi said was right!

Xiao Ning and Yang Xiaolan didnt have any hope that the clothes that Gu Qiqi brought home would have the resemblance of an evening gown.

They were even worried that Gu Qiqi would like a white shirt and jeans like what she said last time… Could it be that she was really going to wear such a simple outfit this time

Thus, under their persistence.

Gu Qiqi finally agreed to bring the two of them back to Mansion Number 0 and help her choose her clothes.

When Xiao Ning pulled open the door to Gu Qiqis closet, she finally understood why Gu Qiqi had always been simple.

Actually, when she entered the Mansions Garden previously, she vaguely felt that something was wrong.

This Mansions Garden was the most luxurious and low-key high-end residential area in the Imperial Capital.

If she couldnt stay here just because she was rich, she had to have power!

How exactly could Gu Qiqi stay here!

Along the way, they followed Gu Qiqi into her room.

They saw that the advanced robot, Brother Yun, welcomed them politely.

They saw Xiaobei speaking English.

Then, they saw the kings bed in the bedroom and the opened closet door.

They all understood.

How could Gu Qiqi be simple

Her closet full of clothes occupied an entire wall!

It had to be explained that that wall was more than ten meters long.

Gu Qiqi must be tired of looking at so many luxurious clothes.

Who would want to wear them every day

Xiao Ning swallowed her saliva and said something that deserved a beating with difficulty.

“Qiqi, are you being booked by someone”

Yang Xiaolan looked sad.

“Qiqi…” Oh! She couldnt say it.

Gu Qiqis face darkened.

She knocked on their foreheads.

“Why do you have the same morals as Gu Xuexue Must you be booked by someone if you stay in a good house”

Xiao Ning swallowed her saliva again and nodded fiercely.

“Yes, yes! Please provide for me! Hurry, hurry, I want to be provided for too! Why dont you provide for me, Master Qi Im especially easy to provide for…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She knew that this person was joking.

Yang Xiaolan also gathered her courage.

“I believe in Qiqi.

She must have her reasons for living here.”

Gu Qiqi curved her lips and smiled.

She couldnt help but rub Yang Xiaolans long hair.

“My girl is still the cutest!”

Yang Xiaolans heart skipped a beat.

After so many days, she finally heard “my girl” again.

She also killed her silently by touching her head!

Her small face couldnt help but blush again.

She didnt even dare to look up at Gu Qiqi.

Xiao Ning curled her lips.

“Hey, Qiqi, youre releasing electricity again.

Dont flirt with our innocent Xiaolan!”

Gu Qiqi had already retracted her hand and her expression became more serious.

“Actually, Im as surprised as you guys.

These clothes… I didnt see them when I left in the morning.”

She vaguely remembered that before she ate breakfast and prepared to go to school, Gong Jue specially asked, “Do you have clothes to wear recently”

She nodded vaguely and left.

School uniforms were clothes too.

She felt that wearing school uniforms was the easiest.

But Gong Jue filled her entire closet just after this sentence.

This stupid man was really a prodigal!

As she was thinking about this, Xiao Ning looked at the labels and shouted, “Youre lying to me! Qiqi, the date of delivery on this label is clearly written two weeks ago! Also, this is the work of the great designer, Beigong Xiaojiu.

Ordinary people cant order it! It blinded my titanium dog eyes, okay”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

So, Gong Jue had customized so many clothes for her half a month ago


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