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Chapter 542: A Time Bomb

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Gu Qiqi looked at Yang Xiaoqing coldly.

Honestly speaking, Yang Xiaoqing was quite good-looking.

He had the look of a young man that was most popular nowadays.

He was a little feminine and had the aura of an artistic youth.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have made Iron Fist Yang lose his vigilance and think that he really loved this profession and was someone he could entrust his business to.

Not only did his good appearance fool Iron Fist Yang, but it also made these old noblewomen believe in his professional ability and easily develop a desire to protect him.

Indeed, as soon as Yang Xiaoqing finished speaking, someone chimed in.

In particular, Mu Liuchuans mother—that Mrs.

Mu who loved to stand out the most—was simply Yang Xiaoqings die-hard fan.

She was the first to applaud and cheer.

“Xiaoqing is indeed the most powerful jade sculptor in our Empire.

I support you! I like to wear the jade that you designed.

The last time, I spent 500,000 dollars to buy a tourmaline necklace.

Now, someone on the market wants to buy my second-hand one million dollars! Its much faster returns than the property price rising.

To be honest, its faster returns than the earnings of my husbands company.

Others have eyes but cant see.

Then, they deserve to miss this peerless treasure! Hey, hey, Mrs.

Liu, Mrs.


If you dont want your golden hairpin and jade bracelets, then give them all to me! I want them!”

With Mrs.

Mus encouragement, the other madams hurriedly gripped the treasures in their hands tightly.

What a joke! This was a limited edition!

It didnt matter if it was made in Hetian or the northern mountain range, as long as it was authentic Hetian jade.

More importantly, as long as it was personally designed by Yang Xiaoqing, it would be valuable.

Just as Mrs.

Mu said, Yang Xiaoqing was the most popular jade sculptor in the Empire.

Not only were his designs beautiful jewelry, but they were also the most profitable investment.

In the future, when they are sold, their value would increase by several times…

Everyone became excited again and they continued to snatch the jewelry.

Gu Qiqis indifferent words once again poured cold water on everyones hearts!

“Thats right.

Not only is this peerless treasure profitable, but its also fatal.

If you want to live a short life, buy earlier and buy more.

Everyone can do as you please.”

Gu Qiqi said it so confidently that everyone hesitated again!

Bai Yingzhu and Gu Xuexue were already so angry that they were about to explode on the spot.

They shouted for the security officers.

“Hurry up and drag this crazy woman out!”

At this point, they no longer wanted to let Gu Qiqi stay and envy their upper-class lifestyle.

They realized that Gu Qiqi was simply a time bomb.

They werent the ones annoying Gu Qiqi.

Instead, Gu Qiqi was condemning them.

But Gu Qiqis sharp gaze swept across the room and immediately made the few security guards who had gathered around stop in their tracks.

No one dared to go forward and cause trouble.

Gu Qiqi said lightly, “Why Are you afraid that Ill expose your fake Hetian jade that is poisonous Actually, I dont have to say anything at all.

As long as everyone checks the big news from last year about the manufacturing line in the northern mountain range, everything will be clear, right”

What big news was there in the northern mountain range last year

The rich madams looked at each other.

They werent too concerned about the current news.

The rich madams didnt know, but the reporters who were surrounding her to take photos and interview her immediately understood.

Immediately, their expressions changed and they retreated a few steps at the same time.

They instinctively distanced themselves from the Hetian jade jewelry.

Logically speaking, they shouldnt have ruined Qing Yuxuans show since they were invited over.

But when they thought of the Hetian jades terrifying background, their natural instinct as reporters to expose the truth and their trained professional ethics took hold of them.

They couldnt remain silent anymore.

“Miss Xue Xue, Miss Yingzhu, we have to solemnly tell the public about the origins of this Hetian Jade—”


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