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Chapter 544: Slapping Her Faces On The Spot Was Awesome!


Mu was stunned.

Her lips parted, but she couldnt say a word.

She spoke for a long time and was certain that Gu Qiqi was speechless.

After all, detecting radioactive substances wasnt just talk.

Only very professional organizations could do it.

Live examination

Why did this girl say it so easily

She was so angry that she was stunned for a long time before she managed to react.

“What ability do you have to test it on the spot”

Gu Xuexue even went along with it.

“Gu Qiqi, youre dreaming! Who do you think you are A judge”

Bai Yingzhu continued to shout in a frenzy, “Security! Security, are you all dead Hurry up and throw this country bumpkin out!”

The capable security guards had all been taken away by Bai Lang to find the boy.

The remaining cowards looked at Gu Qiqi with fear in their eyes.

How could they dare to touch Gu Qiqi

No matter how crazy Bai Ying was, she pretended not to understand and only stood far away.

Gu Qiqi stood calmly in the hall.

Her fingertip pointed at the jewelry that the noblewomen were holding.

“Its not difficult to detect.

Theres no need for a professional organization.

Our bodies are the most sensitive natural detection machines.”

“What do you mean” Mrs.

Mu asked sharply.

“Its very simple.

Put on the jewelry that you like and stay in a place with a higher temperature for a minute.

Youll be able to clearly feel it.

Theres no need for me to say another word.”

“Why do you have to go to a place with a high temperature”

“The skin isnt that sensitive in low temperatures.”

“Okay, Ill try!” Madam Wang was the first to wear the bracelet that she had her eyes on.

Her wrist was too thick to wear it.


Liu hurriedly snatched it over and said, “Ill try it for you!”


Lius slender wrist was wrapped around that warm and bright jade bracelet.

Beautiful! This jade was really beautiful!

In addition, Yang Xiaoqing plagiarized the designs of Iron Fist Yang, making the already beautiful jade even more beautiful.


Liu couldnt bear to put it down after putting it on.

Someone brought a table lamp and shone the heat of the lightbulb on Mrs.

Lius hand.

One second…

Two seconds…

Ten seconds…

Time ticked by.

The warm light made Tian Yu look even more beautiful.

Even Mrs.

Lius wrist appeared slender and fair under the glow of the beautiful jade.

She liked it very much.

“If youre afraid of death, sell this to me.

Im not afraid of death… Besides, theres nothing uncomfortable about this.

Even if theres some radioactive material, it can be ignored.

I think…”

When the needle pointed at an entire minute.

Suddenly, Mrs.

Lius wrist shrank.


She couldnt help but cry out in pain.

Everyone looked at her nervously.

“Whats wrong Do you feel anything”

Just as Mrs.

Liu was about to say something, her wrist suddenly trembled.

“Ah!” She couldnt be bothered to answer everyones words at all.

She desperately used her other hand to remove the jade bracelet on her wrist.

She hated it as much as she loved it just now!

That jade bracelet that she had sworn to snatch from Madam Wang was thrown away by her and shattered into two halves on the ground.

Gu Xuexue snatched it up with heartache and said in embarrassment, “Mrs.

Liu, the price of this jade bracelet is 888,000… Look…”

“You still have the cheek to mention money to me Gu Xuexue, is this your Qing Yuxuan jewelry”


Liu took a deep breath and screamed.

“I havent gotten you to compensate me for my medical fees and mental damages! If anything happens to my wrist from the radiation from this lousy bracelet, Im not done with you! You evil businessmen!”

After speaking, Mrs.

Liu slapped Gu Xuexue ruthlessly.


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