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Gu Qiqi looked at the way Gong Jue fell towards her.

In an instant, her heart beat wildly several times.

She would never admit that she was worried about this domineering man.


He was too heavy.

She was thrown backward and her delicate back hit the seat.

What was more tragic was that he had fallen over as well.

“Tsk, will I be squashed like a poached egg” That soft voice in her mind couldnt hold back her laughter.

“Shut up!” Gu Qiqi was furious.

But these words werent wrong.

She was really about to be squashed flat.

Only when Special Assistant Lu rushed over in a panic did he help Gong Jue up.

“Young Lady Qiqi, Im sorry.

Master Jue didnt eat the wrong thing.

He… was touched by a woman.”

“Woman Me”

“No, no, no.

I think it should be that clingy girl who insists on toasting him.”

“Gu Xuexue”

The scene from just now flitted across Gu Qiqis mind.

Thats right.

Gu Xuexues hand touched Gong Jues arm.


She had touched Gong Jue before too.

Not only his arm, but she had also touched other places as well, although they were separated by disinfectant gloves.

Whats more, they had been interacting with each other day and night these past few days and had even argued with each other a few times.

She even gave him food and he ate her saliva!

Why didnt his illness flare up back then

Could it be that she wasnt a woman

“Young Lady Qiqi, I have to find a doctor to aid Master Jue.

You should return to your room first to rest!” Special Assistant Lus expression was grave.

He carried Gong Jue on his back and ran upstairs.

Special Assistant Lu arranged a special care room for Gong Jue in the research base.

Gu Qiqi could only return to the bedroom alone.

She closed the door.

The dark room was extremely quiet.

She should have felt free and happy after leaving Gong Jues control.

In fact, she should have even planned her escape again.

Why was she so heavy and listless

She slowly took out her phone and called Xiao Ning.

The other party was busy the whole time.

She wanted to call the nursing home and ask about her younger brothers condition, but it was too late and it was not convenient to disturb him.

In the end, she put away her phone and leaned against the door, deep in thought.

That soft voice suddenly rang out in her mind.

“Actually, you can save him.”


“Its simple.

Kiss him.”

“I dont have time to crack such boring jokes with you.” Gu Qiqi said in annoyance.

“Yes, I meant what I said! Little Kuoai wont lie to you…”

“Heh heh, you even lied to me about earning a lot of money, huh Have you forgotten”

“Thats still honorable.

As long as youre willing to collect —”


Gu Qiqi felt that the voice in her mind was here to deceive her.

Could a kiss save someone

Dont joke around.

Setting aside Gong Jues allergies to women after touching him, she had never seen or heard of this illness in her ten years of working in the hospital in her previous life!

There was no scientific basis for kissing to treat illnesses in medicine.

On the other hand, saliva contact was more like an infectious virus.

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself.

The image of her kissing Gong Jue flashed across her mind.


She shook her head forcefully and shattered that terrifying scene.

She buried herself into the blanket and rubbed her hair vigorously.

Damn it!

Late into the night.

It sounded like a helicopter had landed on the lawn outside, making loud sounds.

Mixed footsteps could be heard in the corridor.

At daybreak.

Gu Qiqi opened the door.

“Im thirsty.

I have to get some water to drink.”

“A person will die if they dont drink water.

A woman will look ugly if she doesnt drink water.”

“Yes, I was just looking for water to drink.”

She mumbled to herself as if she was trying to convince herself of something.

However, she did not walk towards the pantry in the kitchen.

Instead, she couldnt help but walk towards the clinic where Gong Jue was located…


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