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Chapter 555: Did You Forget That It Hurt Then, Ill Slap You Again

Through the window, Gu Xuexue saw the figure of that man running over and couldnt help but be delighted.

She was originally supporting Mrs.

Mu as she sat by the side.

At this moment, she suddenly pretended to be angry and raised her voice.

“Gu Qiqi, you still have an engagement with Brother Liuchuan.

Youre going to marry into the Mu family in the future to be a daughter-in-law.

Werent you too much to contradict your own mother-in-law in public just now Even if you dont look at Mrs.

Mus face, you have to be polite to Mrs.

Mu on account of Brother Liuchuan, right I advise you to come and apologize to Mrs.


Gu Qiqi was chatting with the diplomats wife about the tense relationship and historical grudges between the Empire and S Nation.

She was engrossed in her conversation when she was suddenly interrupted by Gu Xuexue.

She frowned and looked unhappy.

Gu Xuexue was still here

Had she forgotten the pain from the consecutive slaps just now

What was her motive for coming out to cause trouble now

She asked coolly, “Apologize Are you sure”

Thinking that Mu Liuchuan was about to come, Gu Xuexue became more confident.

“Thats right.

Otherwise, people will laugh at our Gu familys daughter for not having any upbringing! How fierce is she outside No one wants to marry an arrogant and rude wife, right”

As he spoke, he swept his gaze across the room.

Gu Qiqi immediately understood.

It turned out that Gu Xuexue was waiting for her here.

The noblewomen present were all old.

They had already become mother-in-laws or were about to become one.

Gu Xuexue deliberately raised the sensitive topic of the in-laws relationship.

Her motive was to reduce her reputation to that of a hateful wife in front of all the noblewomen.

Heh heh, how interesting.

Gu Qiqi remained calm and watched her performance.

It seemed that Gu Xuexue had forgotten about the pain from the slap just now.

Its fine.

Ill give you another slap later.

Take it as a free gift.

Indeed, after Gu Xuexue finished speaking, Mrs.

Mu seemed to have suddenly remembered this.

Her dispirited spirit became active again.

She patted the tea table.

“Gu Qiqi, youre already so arrogant and rude before you even entered the house.

If you dont apologize in public today and draw a clear line with that b*tch Yang Xiaolan, then dont even think about entering my Mu family! Liuchuans wife has to be educated, polite, gentle, and respectful to her elders!”

Gu Qiqi smiled spuriously.

“The ideal wife youre talking about cant be like Gu Xuexue, right”


Mu frowned.

“Gu Xuexue isnt from the Gu family! My son isnt crazy.

Why would he marry a fake daughter”

These words directly reduced Gu Xuexue to nothing..

Gu Xuexue secretly vomited blood.

She cursed this pig-like teammate of hers countless times in her heart.

Seriously, she had worked so hard to seek revenge for the Mu family and suppress Gu Qiqi.

This pig-like teammate actually ruined her reputation.

Gu Qiqi couldnt help but laugh.


Fortunately, youre not blind yet.

You can still see the truth.”


Mu thought that Gu Qiqis praise was a gesture of goodwill.

Her heart became more lively.

After all, Gu Qiqi was Old Master Gus biological granddaughter.

Coupled with the fact that she seemed to have a good relationship with the great chairman Chu and had obtained the love of so many noblewomen today, she also had an extraordinary business mindset, pharmaceutical knowledge, and social skills.

If she could subdue Gu Qiqi, she would be able to have a sidekick to help her when she went out to socialize in the future…

Although Gu Qiqi being with Liuchuan would make Liuchuan feel aggrieved, it didnt matter.

Liuchuan could find another woman if he liked her.

He could just take care of her outside.

It was fine to let Gu Qiqi return home as a decoration.

Gu Yuanyuan had already been bitten by a dog and her reputation was ruined.

Gu Xuexue was a fake daughter and out of the three Gu family daughters, only Gu Qiqi was left!

With the engagement contract, she had no choice.


Mu thought about it carefully and made up her mind.

She became more arrogant and ordered Gu Qiqi in a seemingly understanding tone.


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