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Chapter 557: Divorce! Master Jue Tortures Scumbag (1)

Mu Liuchuan pulled a long face.

“Mom, youre interfering too much.

You dont have to interfere in my business.”

“You… You actually used such a tone to talk to your Mommy Youve always been an obedient child.

Have you been bewitched by that little b*tch Gu Qiqi Youre actually so rebellious Im definitely going to interfere in this matter! If she doesnt apologize to me today, I wont agree to your marriage.” Mrs.

Mu became even more domineering.

Mu Liuchuan was so depressed that he wanted to jump off a building.


Mu even said that he was an obedient child.

How… ridiculous.

Unable to persuade his mother, he could only try to persuade Gu Qiqi.

“Qiqi, dont quarrel with my mommy.

Shes old and sometimes, her words arent sincere.

Shell forget her words after speaking.

You… Why dont you apologize to her a little On account that shes an elder, can you just placate her emotions”

Mu Liuchuan looked at Gu Qiqi earnestly.

Although his business had grown big now, he still had to rely on Old Master Mu and Mrs.

Mus support after all.

He had to take into account Mrs.

Mus face.

Qiqi had always been obedient and sensible.

She should… understand his painstaking effort, right

However, when he looked over, he only saw coldness!


Who gave that scumbag such courage to actually make her apologize

Gu Qiqi said coldly, “Im sorry, but I have nothing to do with you.

Theres no need to take care of your emotions!”

“But were engaged…” Mu Liuchuan still wanted to say something.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qiqi took a box from Yang Xiaolan and threw the box at him.

“Mu Liuchuan, listen carefully.

Today, in front of everyone, Ill end this marriage! I, Gu Qiqi, have nothing to do with you anymore.

Take back your lousy things! Please remember that its not your Mu familys turn to point fingers at me.

Now, its me, Gu Qiqi, who doesnt want your Mu family!”

Mu Liuchuan felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

He had thought about discussing the engagement with Gu Qiqi countless times, but he never expected that Gu Qiqi would end the engagement in public again!

He thought that he had recently negotiated a few big deals abroad and the news had spread throughout the high society in the Imperial Capital.

He had a little fame and became a capable new star in the pharmaceutical world.

Gu Qiqi herself studied medicine.

It was impossible for her to not know the wealth and future potential that he held in his hands now.

But she actually broke off the engagement with him at his peak!

Mu Liuchuans hands trembled slightly and he nearly couldnt hold on to that big box.

“Qiqi, isnt this engagement token broken”

“What This little b*tch shattered our familys ancestral token!” Mrs.

Mu couldnt take it anymore.

She looked like she was going to eat Gu Qiqi.

Mu Liuchuan hurriedly pulled her back.

“Mommy, its fine if the keepsake is broken.

As long as Qiqi is still with me…”

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

“Who said that it was broken Open it yourself and take a look.

Dont go back on your word!”

Mu Liuchuan opened the box skeptically.

His familys ancestral treasure was broken.

How could she find the exact same one

There was no second stone with red jade in this world.

When the lid was lifted and the contents were revealed in front of everyone, Mu Liuchuan was completely dumbfounded.



Not only was the original engagement token intact, but there were also ten jade rings!

They were of the same texture, shape, and carving!


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