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Chapter 570: Threatening Her

This night in the high society of the Imperial Capital was destined to not be peaceful.

The Bai familys mansion was brightly lit.

Xiao Ning was ruthlessly pushed to the ground.

Wearing an evening gown, she was caught off guard and her knees immediately scraped against the floor.

“You traitorous b*tch! Tell Grandpa how you seduced the outsiders and teamed up to cheat our Bai clans Medical Hall!” Bai Yingzhu was so angry that she shivered.

She couldnt wait to kick Xiao Ning a few more times.

Xiao Ning lay on the floor in a sorry state.

She wiped the blood on her knees and looked up.

“On what basis do you say that I colluded with outsiders The fact that Qing Yuxuan bought fake goods deserves to be exposed.

Shouldnt our Bai family be happy to finally see Qing Yuxuans true colors”

The coldness in her eyes shocked Bai Yingzhu.

“Do you think youre justified! How dare you not admit your mistake!”

“Of course Im justified.

I didnt do anything wrong.

Why should I admit my mistake!”

Seeing that Bai Yingzhu couldnt out-talk Xiao Ning, Bai Mori, who was sitting next to the master seat, said casually, “I also dont believe that Xiao Ning will scheme against our Bai family.

The daughter that Sister Bai Shaoyao brought up shouldnt be too bad…”

However, she changed the topic.

“Its just that the cameras at the scene were destroyed by someone.

Xiao Ning, the cocktail party was in chaos back then.

Yingzhu and the rest were entertaining guests.

Big Brother and Second Brother went to find the Gong familys little prince with bodyguards.

Only you left and I dont know where you went.

If someone did something to Qing Yuxuans jade, who could that person be…”

Although Bai Mori didnt name Xiao Ning, her words were sharp and labelled Xiao Ning as the biggest suspect.

“Who else could it be Its this b*tch! Qing Yuxuans stones arent poisonous at all.

Xiao Ning must have been hiding in the dark and smeared some poison on the jewelry when we werent paying attention.

This caused those noblewomen to be allergic one after another! The only person who has the chance to come into contact with these jewelry is our insider! Its her!” Bai Yingzhu said decisively.

“Someone from the inside” Xiao Ning revealed a mocking smile on her face.

“Have you treated me as an insider”

Bai Yingzhu rolled her eyes.

Bai Mori smiled gently and said, “Of course.

Xiao Ning, actually, Little Aunt knows that you were also deceived, right Did that girl named Gu Qiqi use you As long as you admit it, we wont make things difficult for you…”

As she spoke, she raised her voice and said to Old Master Bai, who was sitting on the master seat, “Father, is the punishment of betrayal the most serious in our Bai familys family law”

The old master of the Bai family was old.

His vision was a little blurry and his mind was a little unclear, but he still looked dignified.

He knocked his walking stick heavily on the floor.

“You must be severely punished for betraying the family!”

Bai Mori raised her eyebrows and seemed to have gotten her hands on the imperial order.

“Did you hear that Xiao Ning, the meaning of severe punishment isnt as simple as being beaten up.

Perhaps you will be expelled from the family…”

“Then, Ill leave!” Xiao Ning raised her small face stubbornly.

She knew that these people had long disliked her.

Everything that happened today was just an excuse.

Bai Yingzhu was delighted.

“Okay, then let Grandpa cut you out of the family line…”

Bai Mori waved her hand and spoke unhurriedly.

Her voice was like a beautiful but poisonous snake.

“Xiao Ning, its fine if youre kicked out but youll implicate your mother, Bai Shaoyao.

She will be the embarrassment of the Bai family.

I heard that your father isnt very stable.

I wonder if your mother will be directly divorced by your father and driven out of the Xiao family if she is kicked out of the Bai family…”

Although Bai Mori said this with a smile, her words were so cold that it made ones heart tremble.

Xiao Ning gnashed her teeth and curled her fists.

D*mn it! They actually used her mother to threaten her!

“Silly child, is it worth it for you to do this in order to protect that outsider Gu Qiqi Perhaps, shes eating well now and is splitting the money with Lan Ting behind you back.

But you and your mother are going to be expelled from the house.

How miserable is that Xiao Ning, as long as you confess how Gu Qiqi schemed to frame our Bai family tonight, you dont have to worry that your mother will be driven out of the Bai family…”


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