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Chapter 573: The Eldest Young Master Is Here!

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Following Bai Yingzhus order.

The servants pressed that metal clip again.

This time, they used nearly ten percent of their strength!

Just as the metal clip was about to pinch Xiao Nings slender finger fiercely…

A black figure kicked open the carved glass door in the hall and appeared behind Xiao Ning almost instantly with a cold breeze.

The servants had yet to react and were only a little puzzled.

Eh Why couldnt they press the clipper down despite using so much force

In the very next second.

Only then did they realize that a pair of well-defined mans big hands were spread out and directly blocking the two iron clippers.

He actually forcefully blocked the iron clippers and protected Xiao Nings small hands!

Oh my god!

How terrifying was this! How abnormal was the strength of his hand to withstand the iron clippers from closing

They had used a lot of strength just now, but this mans fingers actually didnt break

The servants shivered and looked up, but they met the mans bloodthirsty eyes.

“Young… Young Master!”

The servants trembled.

This time, their legs went soft and they knelt on the ground.

It was no wonder that someone was so terrifying to be able to forcefully stop the metal clippers.

If this person was Bai Yeyuan, then anything was possible!

“Arent you going to get lost”

Bai Yes cold gaze glared at them.

The other two frightened servants hurriedly let go of Xiao Nings arm.

Xiao Nings body went soft and she fell towards the low cabinet beside her.

Bai Yeyuan frowned and scooped her up into his arms.

His bone-chilling gaze swept across everyone present.

Every word seemed to be dripping with blood.

“Who did it Hmm”

Everyone in the hall was already dumbfounded.

No one expected Bai Yeyuan to return at this moment.

Didnt he go to the Gong family to send the little prince back

Look at the Young Masters tone.

He seemed to be very protective of Xiao Ning!

Who would dare to speak nonsense

There was a faint smell of gunpowder in the air.

Outside the door.

Bai Lang staggered in.

“Brother, you left too quickly.

Wait for me… Ah, what happened to Little Lemon Hiss… Theres so much blood! Little Lemon, did your hand break Oh my god, which b*stard ordered to do this to our adorable Little Lemon”

Only a fool like Bai Lang dared to foolishly break the cold atmosphere around Bai Yeyuan.

Once the atmosphere eased a little, Bai Mori hurriedly said, “Brother, dont be angry.

The matter was caused by Gu Qiqi.

She bribed Xiao Ning to cheat our Bai family.

Yingzhu was only trying to scare Xiao Ning and make her confess Gu Qiqis scheme.

She didnt really do anything…”

Bai Mori seemed to be exonerating Bai Yingzhu, but in fact, she wanted to frame Bai Yingzhu for this matter.

Secondly, she didnt care about anything else and first brought out the culprit, Gu Qiqi! She wanted Bai Yeyuan to divert his anger.

How could she deceive an old and experienced person like Bai Yeyuan with just a few words

Bai Yeyuans face sank and his thin lips moved coldly.

“When was our Bai family scammed Why didnt I know”

Bai Mori thought that her scheme had succeeded and continued, “It was during the gala tonight that Gu Qiqi ruined the venue and ruined Qing Yuxuans reputation.

She led the guests to the Chu clan.

Isnt this cutting off our financial path…”

Bai Yeyuan interrupted her coldly.

“Stupid! Its just Qing Yuxuan.

Its not worthy of my attention..

The Bai Medical Hall sells medicine, not jade.

Could it be that we wont be able to live without such trash Is it worth you guys killing each other!”


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