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Chapter 574: Ill Clip All Your Fingers At Once

“Such trash.” “Not worthy of my attention.” “Family members fighting over selfish interests.”

Once these words were out, everyone understood Bai Yeyuans stand.

It turned out that that money tree, Qing Yuxuan, was nothing in the eyes of Young Master.

At least, it was worthless compared to Miss Xiao Ning.

Hiss —!

If they had known that the Eldest Young Master thought so highly of Young Lady Xiao Ning, they wouldnt have dared to lay a hand on Young Lady Xiao Ning no matter how many benefits they received.

Bai Moris face turned even paler.

She had never expected that Bai Yeyuan would protect Xiao Ning like this.

This was impossible…

Bai Yeyuan should only hate Xiao Ning, right

After all… she had heard about that incident back then.

No matter who Bai Yeyuan protected, he shouldnt protect Xiao Ning.

After muttering to herself for a few seconds, she knew that it wasnt wise to go against Bai Yeyuan.

Thus, she rolled her eyes and pulled out a big backer.

“Brother, although Qingyu Xuan isnt much, it was still a business partner of our Medical Hall.

There were so many reporters at the gala today, and the reputation of the Medical Hall has also been damaged.

The Old Master is very unhappy… Thats why he let Yingzhu…”

“Thats right, thats right.

Old Master agreed to let us torture this b*tch… Wait, no, because Xiao Ning refused to confess Gu Qiqis scheme…” Bai Yingzhu hurriedly chimed in.

As she was nervous, her hands were already trembling so much that it was as if they werent hers anymore.

Bai Yeyuan glanced over coldly.

Bai Yingzhu immediately shut up and burped in fear.

“Stupid people dont have brains!” Bai Yeyuans voice was extremely cold.

“Do you think that the Old Master is as stupid as you You want to use Xiao Ning to take down Gu Qiqi Are you all blind Cant you see that theres someone above her”

Bai Yingzhu was stunned.

Who was Gu Qiqis supporter

Brother Jun Mo

Brother Jun Mo was just Gu Qiqis good friend! He wasnt on that b*tchs side! She refused to admit it.

Bai Moris heart skipped a beat.

Of course, she knew who was above Gu Qiqi.

Wasnt it Gong Jue

She wanted to pull that b*tch away from Gong Jue! She wanted to make Gong Jue despise her…

But she wasnt stupid enough to argue with Bai Yeyuan.

Bai Mori put on a look of repentance and lowered her tone.

“Brother, youre right.

We were reckless today.

Yingzhu, apologize to Xiao Ning.

There wont be a next time.”

How could Bai Yingzhu be willing But when she saw Bai Moris fierce gaze and Bai Yeyuans cold aura, she could only lower her head and mutter aggrievedly, “Im sorry…”

She initially thought that this matter would be over safely.

Bai Yeyuan was expressionless.

His tone was extremely gloomy and cold.

“If theres any use in apologizing, let Xiao Ning clip your fingers once and break them one by one.

Then, say sorry, okay”

“No, no, no.

Theres no need…” Bai Yingzhu was about to cry from fright.

Her fingers quickly reached behind her back and she panicked.

Bai Mori dug her fingertips into her flesh and forced herself to hold on.

“Brother, Yingzhu is your biological niece.

You should feel more for her…”

Bai Yeyuan said coldly, “When is it your turn to tell me who I should support!”

Bai Mori couldnt maintain her expression anymore.

She knew that Bai Yeyuan wouldnt let them off even if she died.

For now, she could only use Xiao Ning to resolve this situation.

She lowered her posture and whispered to Xiao Ning, “Xiao Ning, tell your uncle quickly that this is a misunderstanding.

Can you bear to see the Bai family get into a conflict because of you I dont believe that you will deliberately ruin the family harmony…”

Her gaze was gentle but persistent.

She was forcing Xiao Ning to state her stand and asking Xiao Ning to beg Bai Yeyuan to let them off.

Otherwise, Xiao Ning would be labelled a vicious woman who would destroy the family harmony.


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