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Chapter 575: He Was Indeed The Cruelest Man in the Bai Family

Bai Yingzhu also reacted.

“Xiao Ning, if you still have a conscience, say something! Didnt we only scare you a little just now and didnt do anything to you Otherwise, we would have dragged you to the dungeon long ago and you wouldnt be at home, right”

Xiao Ning, who had been burying her head in Bai Yeyuans arms and was shivering from the cold, finally looked up gradually.

Her small face was faintly pale.

One couldnt tell much about her emotions.

Every word she said made Bai Mori and Bai Yingzhu shiver.

“Youre not scaring me.

You clearly said that you wanted to cripple my hand and let me die.

You even said…”

Xiao Ning laughed bitterly and continued, “You even saidWho cares if Bai Yeyuan is an elder.

Even if he comes, we will kill her in front of him! Lets see if Bai Yeyuan dares to fart.”

Bai Yingzhu said, “B*tch, youre talking nonsense!”

Bai Mori said, “Brother, dont believe her.

We didnt say such a thing…”

D*mn it.

She initially thought that Xiao Ning would be submissive.

She didnt expect that she was as cunning as a fox and actually used their words to anger Bai Yeyuan.

She was too vicious!

Bai Yeyuan shouldnt really believe that this little b*tch was stirring up trouble, right

Bai Yeyuans face immediately turned colder.

His tone didnt have a trace of warmth and was bone-chilling.

“Very good.

Who cares if Im an elder It seems that I slapped you all too little previously and you forgot everything.

Now, Ill let you understand who I am.



“Make the Eldest Young Lady kneel on the torture device and slap themslves for three days and three nights.”


Bai Yingzhus vision darkened and she fell to the ground.

That torture device was made of iron.

If she knelt on steel, wouldnt her knees be crippled Would she have to slap herself for three days and three nights Her face was going to rot…

Could she just faint and avoid punishment

Bai Yeyuan said faintly, “If you feel faint, use ice water to wake yourself up.

Continue kneeling!”

Bai Yingzhu was so frightened that she immediately bounced up from the ground.

Was he going to use ice water to wake her up on such a cold autumn night

How ruthless!

Bai Yeyuan was indeed the Bai familys most ruthless person!


Under the supervision of the servants, Bai Yingzhu cried and slapped her mouth.

Bai Mori sat on pins and needles, but she could only watch as Bai Yeyuan carried Xiao Ning away.


Bai Yeyuan placed Xiao Ning on the bed.

He examined her fingers carefully.

The little bruises made his heart shrink.

Fortunately, he came in time.

Xiao Nings fingers only had superficial wounds and her bones werent broken.

She could recover to her original state after a good rest.

He took out a pocket-sized medicine box from the bedhead.

The medicine inside was different from the outside.

They were all made of seven-colored glass bottles.

Each bottle was filled with a small bottle.

Its efficacy was more than ten times than that of the same medicine on the market.

This was the Bai familys secret medicine that they never revealed to outsiders.

Sometimes, when he bullied her ruthlessly and made her bleed or tear, he would personally apply the restorative medicine for her.

At this moment, he took a bottle of ointment for bruises and personally applied it to Xiao Nings fingers.

He massaged them bit by bit to accelerate the effect of the medicine.

Xiao Ning had deliberately lied just now.

She said that Bai Mori and the rest were discussing Bai Yeyuans status behind his back just to draw hatred.

She didnt have any hopes that Bai Yeyuan would really believe her.

But he actually believed it! He really punished Bai Yingzhu.

At this moment, thinking about how Bai Yeyuan had saved him, helped her out, and even helped her apply the medicine, it would be a lie to say that she wasnt touched.

But when she thought about how Bai Mori was still safe and sound…

For some reason, she felt suffocated.

Even her breathing became heavier.

Bai Yeyuan looked up and glanced at her coolly.

“Why Do you think that I didnt punish Bai Mori Do you really want to know why”

Xiao Nings heart skipped a beat!

Did this man have to be so sharp! He actually knew what she was thinking.


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