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Chapter 582: A Way to Protect Her Innocence

At the Gu familys residence in the Imperial Capital.

Old Madam Gu smashed the teacup in her hand abruptly in exasperation.

“Xuexue, look at what you did! Youve humiliated me! Do you want your grandfather to use the family law again so that you can remember your mistake!”

Gu Xuexue was lying on the ground with Mu Liuchuans jacket wrapped around her.

She was panting from crying and couldnt speak.

The news reporters reports were so detailed and sharp.

She couldnt explain anything at this moment.

On the other hand, Gu Meifeng was still twisting the truth.

“Mom, the child was also frightened when she encountered such a thing, okay This must have been done by that b*tch Gu Qiqi.

She was afraid that Gong Jue would take a fancy to our Xuexue and deliberately made Mu Liuchuan break my Xuexues pure body… That b*tch is too vicious! Gu Qiqi should be the one punished by family law!”

Gu Meifeng was half right.

However, her pure body… How could she say these words without feeling embarrassed

The old lady looked angry.

“Of course, I know that that d*mned girl is vicious.

The problem is that Mu Liuchuan is still engaged to that d*mned girl.

Xuexue is seducing her brother-in-law like this! How can I face others after my reputation has been ruined How am I going to survive in the circle Today, everyone called to comfort my familys misfortune and said that my descendants are a mess!”

“Mom, you still dont know.

That b*tch Gu Qiqi has secretly broken off the engagement! The engagement token shattered on the spot! Mu Liuchuan hasnt been Xuexues husband-in-law for a long time.

The reporters deliberately smeared our Xuexue!”

“What The engagement was broken off Why didnt she report it to me” The old lady felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

“Since when did she care about you!” Gu Meifeng snorted.

She deliberately led the conversation to Gu Qiqi.

Indeed, the old ladys face darkened.

“That unfilial d*mned girl deliberately went against me! These reporters must have colluded with her to make us suffer in silence! Theres nothing we can do! Damn it!”

Gu Meifeng took the opportunity to help Gu Xuexue up.

Her eyes rolled.

“Mom, its not impossible to solve this matter.”

“What solution Tell me quickly!”

“Mom, once this kind of news is out, the Mu familys reputation will also be affected.

Why dont we use this news to negotiate with the Mu family and let them change the engagement to Xuexue Anyway, the two children have slept together.

Isnt announcing the engagement directly slapping the little b*tch and those reporters faces Clearly, the little b*tch failed to seduce Brother-in-law and instead framed her younger sister!!”

Old Madam Gus face lit up.

“Hurry up and contact the Mu family!”

“Mom, should we tell Dad first”

“Why are you talking nonsense with him about the Inner Residence Ill make the decision.

Hurry up and strike while the iron is hot.

Its more important to protect Xuexues innocence.” The old madam was impatient.

Gu Xuexue was still indignant.

She sobbed and tugged at the corner of Gu Meifengs shirt.

“Mom, I dont want to.

I dont want to marry Mu Liuchuan.

How can he compare to Gong Jue”

“Silly! The news today is overwhelming.

Do you think that the Gong family still wants you The only solution now is to catch the Mu family first.

Furthermore, the Mu family isnt bad either.

Their family business has already gone overseas.

They have plenty of money and Mu Liuchuan is the eldest son.

If you marry him, you will be the mistress of the household.

How practical! Gong Jue is the second son in the Gong family.

Whatever benefits there are, it will definitely be snatched away by the Gong familys eldest young master.

Furthermore, the position of the Gong Corporations leader isnt something that can be held forever.

Perhaps, if the Gong familys eldest young master takes it away, what else does he have Silly daughter, you have to wake up and look at the long term goal!”


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