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Chapter 621: Justice For Gu Qiqi!

Everyone couldnt help but complain about how cunning Liu Guanghui was.

He looked like he was flattering Feng Yangchu, but he was actually forcing him to admit that Gu Qiqis acceptance was corrupt! Otherwise, the pharmaceutical school would also be implicated.

How would Dean Feng answer

Everyone was very curious!

Feng Yangchus face sank.

He suddenly raised his hand.

A ruler had unknowingly appeared in his hand.

He smacked Liu Guanghui across the face.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He hit him ruthlessly with the ruler!

He specially targeted the place Liu Guanghui cared the most – his face.

He hit him mercilessly.

One strike made him bleed and the next strike almost blinded him.

After he was done, he said coldly, “Youre ruining the reputation of female students.

In ancient times, people like you would have their face skin peeled off!”

Everyones hearts skipped a beat.

Gu Qiqi was slightly surprised.

She knew that Feng Yangchu had always disliked her and even deliberately made things difficult for her.

Thus, one thing that Liu Guanghui said might be right.

It was that Feng Yangchu didnt want her to enter the pharmaceutical school.

If it werent for the fact that she wanted to find the Medicine Manual for Xiaobei, she would have probably given up on the pharmaceutical school long ago.

Who would be willing to kiss his cold buttocks

But what was going on

Fengyang Chu actually stood up for her and hit the thorn, Liu Guanghui!

This Liu Guanghui had always been arrogant and domineering in the school.

He probably had some background.

Wasnt Feng Yangchu afraid of offending people

Gu Qiqi looked up in confusion and continued watching silently.

Liu Guanghui screamed miserably from the beating and shouted indignantly, “What did I say wrong Hmph! The last time she hit someone from our clinical medicine school, she was arrested and brought to the discipline office.

In the end, she was actually released again! Ive long investigated her family background.

Shes just an unloved daughter raised in the Gu familys countryside.

She doesnt have any background! If it werent for the fact that she had the support of a powerful old man, she would have been expelled long ago!”

Fengyang Chu snorted coldly.

“You bastards from the clinical medicine school bullied our school.

Its fine if I usually turn a blind eye, but you still have the face to talk about it now Let alone saying that an old man was protecting her! Even if Im an old man, I have to protect her! You guys deserve to be hit! If I meet you again, Ill break your legs!”

No one dared to say these words.

Fengyang Chu dared to say so.

Everyone knew that he wasnt even afraid of the principal.

He even disregarded the rules, money, and power.

Hitting a student… Ahem, ahem, ahem.

Regardless of that students background, he was really capable of this.

Liu Guanghui choked and actually couldnt retort.

Fengyang Chu held the ruler and swung it twice more before continuing, “Everyone, listen carefully to me.

Gu Qiqis performance in this exam was outstanding.

The millettia root was picked perfectly.

Her medical talent completely meets the requirements of our pharmaceutical school.

She deserves to be first.”

After a pause, his eyes revealed a trace of praise.

“And most importantly, she demonstrated her medical ethics as a doctor at the critical moment! When she encountered an accident, she didnt abandon her classmates, nor did she leave them in the lurch.

Instead, she was as benevolent as a doctor and fought courageously with the killer to save many students!”

Qiu Qiu nodded desperately!

“Thats right, thats right.

Master saved my life!”

Fengyang Chus tone suddenly became sharper.

“As for the rumors of an old man or her being a kept woman, theyre completely false! I guarantee with my character here that Classmate Gu Qiqi is clean and loves herself.

Her family background is clean! In the future, if anyone dares to spread such nonsense, my ruler doesnt have eyes! Even if youre from the clinical medicine school, I have a way to make you unable to study medicine in this lifetime!”


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