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Chapter 626: Master Jue Finds an Excuse to Kiss Her

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However, Han Bingyues suggestion was rebuked by everyone.

“Gu Qiqi is so awesome.

The school tournament will definitely be her chance to shine!”

“Thats right.

She even scored full marks for Feng Yangchus perverted exam.

How could she lose the school tournament We might be the ones who lose so badly that we cant get up…”

“Sigh, I dont even want to participate in the school tournament anymore.

Is it too late to withdraw my registration now I dont want to be slapped in the face by that group of trash from the pharmaceutical school!”

The clinical medicine school students wailed.

Liu Guanghui gnashed his teeth in anger and roared, “Its fine if you die of stupidity! Dont you understand what Han Bingyue means The school tournament is a team competition.

Whats the use of Gu Qiqi being awesome alone She cant change everyone in the trash school alone! When the time comes, a pile of trash will still participate in the competition.

We can kill them collectively and Gu Qiqi will be trampled under our feet!”

One person couldnt change everyone in the trash school!

These words enlightened them.

Everyone suddenly understood.

Thats right.

It was well known that the useless people from the pharmaceutical school couldnt support themselves.

No matter how awesome Gu Qiqi was, she was still alone.

It was impossible for her to instantly raise them to the same level as her.

On the contrary, she would be lowered to a negative IQ by her trashy team… Haha!

The people from the clinical medicine school regained their confidence in an instant.

They rubbed their fists and waited for the annual school tournament to wipe away their previous humiliation and take revenge for being ruthlessly humiliated in the pharmaceutical school today.


Gu Qiqi felt good sitting in the pharmaceutical school classroom.

Her favorite pharmaceutical books were in front of her.

She basically knew the contents of the teachers lecture, but there were also some pharmaceutical details that she couldnt grasp by self-study.

It could be said that she had gained a lot of knowledge.

The blue sky and white clouds outside the window were much more pleasant than usual…

She had finally approached her goal in this lifetime through her own hard work!

The next step was to read the Medicine Manual!

She remembered that Feng Yangchu had said back then that one needed conditions to see the Medicine Manual.

At least, one had to stand out in the school tournament…

Then, lets compete!

Gu Qiqi wasnt afraid of competing with her medical skills at all! Simple and straightforward medical skills were much more interesting than dark and complicated peoples hearts.

The pleasant day passed quickly.

When Gu Qiqi returned home, Xiaobei had already returned from the robot competition and received a prize.

“Sister, Ill make a robot for you to protect you!” Xiaobei knew about the accident that happened in school yesterday and was very concerned about Gu Qiqis safety.

Seeing that Xiaobei was so sensible and considerate, Gu Qiqis heart ached and she was filled with emotions.

“Xiaobei, youll definitely be a warm man in the future! Dont let your wife be too happy!”

“Brother-in-law is also very warm.” Xiaobei blurted out.

Gu Qiqi curled her lips.

“Him Forget it! Hes so cold, okay”

Gong Jue was walking down the escalator from upstairs when he heard the latter half of Gu Qiqis words.

He frowned.

This heartless and stupid woman!

“Come here!” he said in a low voice.

Gu Qiqi muttered to Xiaobei, “See, Im right.”

She had a real period and wasnt afraid of him.

Thus, she followed him upstairs obediently.

Indeed, Gong Jues face only turned cold.

He didnt touch her.

He only sat by the bed and hugged her.

He played with her hair from time to time.

“How was school today”

“I was quite happy!”

“How did Old Feng treat you”

“Oh, Director Feng treated me well and even helped me clear the rumors.

How unexpected…”

Gong Jue remained calm.

He thought to himself that Old Feng was still a man of his word.

It was fine as long as he kept his word.

Yes, Im in a good mood.

Ill invest in some research funds for his school one day…

Anyway, they were all for his wife to play with…

Gu Qiqi was whispering about how he dealt with those scumbags in the pharmaceutical school today when Gong Jue suddenly lowered his head and kissed her.

“Oh, why We agreed that we cant…”

“I want some interest!”


Gu Qiqi looked confused.

When did she owe him again


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