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Chapter 629: In Order to Not Forget Her, I Would Rather Not Sleep

Gong Jue, whose face had darkened from choking, and Baby Gong, who had a cold expression on his face, stared at each other.

In the end, Gong Jue was defeated.

“Then, why arent you sleeping”

Then, he added cunningly, “Only cowards hide and refuse to tell the truth.”

Indeed, provocation was useful.

Baby Gong curled his small lips coldly.

“I dont want to sleep.

If I fall asleep, Ill forget what Sister looks like.”

Gong Jue frowned.

Why was it that big sister again!

It had been so long since the incident in Qing Cheng.

He thought that this child should have forgotten about it long ago, but it turned out that he was still thinking about it.

“Last time, I found an expert in portrait analysis for you to draw her out before helping you find her.

Isnt it already impossible for you to remember how she looks like” Gong Jue said in a low voice.

It wasnt that he wasnt concerned about the child, but this so-called big sister really didnt exist.

He had seen the CCTV footage of Qing Cheng Hospital countless times, but he couldnt find this person at all.

Baby Gong couldnt describe her appearance either.

It was said that her face was covered by a big mask and only a pair of big black grape-like eyes were revealed back then.

But Baby Gong couldnt even draw these eyes!

Baby Gong hated drawing the most since he was young.

In the end, he drew two big grapes on a piece of paper for the portrait analysis expert!

The portrait analysis expert wiped his cold sweat and showed those two big grapes to Gong Jue.

He suggested with a conscience, “Chief, I think that our little chief should consider visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist…”

Everyone thought that Baby Gong had hypochondria!

But this time, Baby Gong said confidently, “I cant draw it out, but I met her again that day.

Ill remember those eyes! I really dont want to sleep.

Im afraid that if I sleep again, Ill forget it again… Before I find her, I dont want to sleep…”

Gong Jue was stunned.

That woman actually had such charm.

It was as if she had cast a spell on his son.

She actually made such a young child have such a terrifying determination.

In order to not forget her, he was willing to never sleep…!

Wait a minute.

What did Baby Gong say just now

“When did you meet her again” Gong Jues eyes darkened.

“I saw her the last time Uncle Bai Lang brought me to a cocktail party in the long golden diamond corridor.”

“The day he said that he was taking you out to play and accidentally lost you”


Gong Jues eyes burned with anger.

How dare you, Bai Lang That day was Qing Yuxuans cocktail party.

Gu Qiqi was also there.

So, you brat, you brought Baby Gong to cause trouble, right

At this moment, he didnt know if he should be glad that Baby Gong had lost her in order to chase after his Sister back then.

Otherwise, he wouldnt know how Bai Lang would instigate Baby Gong to cause trouble for that stupid woman!

At the thought that it was almost possible for him to appear at the scene, he imagined Baby Gong hugging Qiqis thigh and saying, “Youre not allowed to seduce my Papa” or splashing red wine on Qiqis skirt and saying, “Youre the vixen that Uncle Bai Lang told me about.”

Gosh, these melodramatic scenes simply couldnt be imagined.

Bai Lang! Wait for me to teach you a lesson!

Gong Jue suppressed his anger with great difficulty and tried his best to say in a calm voice, “Ill look for Bai Yeyuan and check the surveillance cameras from that day.”

“Uncle Bai has already adjusted it for me.

Ive seent them… but I didnt find her…”

“Ill get a professional to help you check.”



So, can you sleep now”

“No, I want to watch them check.”

Gong Jue was speechless.


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