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Chapter 631: Hurry Up and Start the Blind Date

Everything that Papa said was right.

It was irrefutable and couldnt be criticized.

But why did his careful heart still hurt a little

Baby Gong held back the tears in his eyes and resisted the urge to debate with Gong Jue again.

He chanted in his heart, “Sister, Sister, you must let me find you.

This way, at least I still have you.”

Otherwise, Daddy would be his stepmothers in the future and he wouldnt have a Daddy anymore…


Thinking that he had successfully reversed Baby Gongs stubborn mind using a mans method, Gong Jue was in a good mood.

While waiting for the video analyst to arrive…

He called Bai Lang and said concisely and coldly, “Go to Africa immediately!”

“No, wait! Master Jue, you… You said that you wont send me to Africa anymore.

The girls there are all black.

They dont match my aesthetic standards! Furthermore, theyre as big as mosquitoes and butterflies.

Theyre too terrifying!”

“Cut the crap.

If you say another word, dont come back for the new year!”

“Oh! I… Ill go, okay You have to allow me to come back during the new year!”

Bai Lang wailed and thought to himself that he couldnt avoid this disaster.

Indeed, he was still discovered by Little Jue.

Feeling depressed, he turned around and left a message for Gong Qing.

“Uncle Gong, Ive already sacrificed myself heroically to Africa.

I can only rely on you and Baby Gong to save Gong Jue from that little demon!”

Gong Qing, who had received the news, frowned deeply.

Wasnt his son too fast

Bai Lang only wanted to cause trouble for that woman at the cocktail party.

In the end, he heard that before he could cause trouble, he was sent to the African medical team by Gong Jue.

Wasnt that woman too much of a complainer!

If they really did something to that woman…

Gong Qing frowned even more tightly.

Realizing that his son was easily swayed by an unknown woman, he increasingly felt that he was in danger.

No, he had to hurry up and bring up the blind date.

Since her son had seen that socialite photo album just now, why not find a chance to let her son see the girls in person Seeing was believing.

Her son was stupid because he had seen too few women…

Seeing that he was holding the socialite photo album in silence, Songsong poured him a cup of tea.

“Brother, perhaps Jue has his own thoughts.

Are we pushing him too hard Hes right.

Our Gong family doesnt have to rely on the power of other women either.

Why must we choose from the socialites”

Gong Qing said in a low voice, “Of course, family background isnt the most important.

Whats important is a clean background.

At least we know everything about these socialites.

Otherwise, you know Jueers situation very well.

He has a high status, authority, and valuable body.

Hes also our precious grandson… I cant tolerate women with unclean backgrounds staining him! If his features are stained, there will be endless trouble!”

Songsong pursed her lips.

“Brother, what you said makes sense… But will those socialites cause Jue to be allergic…”

“Didnt Bai Mori develop medicine that could help him”

“But if Jue marries another woman, can she still hand over the medicine”

“The Bai familys daughter shouldnt be lacking in morals, right!”

“Brother, a womans heart is like a needle in the sea…”


You can start by choosing a girl to try out.

When the time comes, you can settle Bai Mori…”


Gong Jue was busy dealing with the old and comforting the young at home.

Gu Qiqi took advantage of the rare break and disguised herself before coming to Dige Auction House again.

Although Xiaolan didnt say anything, Gu Qiqi had investigated that Gu Enlong had been ruthless these few days and controlled the better goods in the jade wholesale market.

Gu Enlong was an experienced businessman after all.

He still had some face.

On the other hand, the Yang family had been living in seclusion for many years.

Who would care about him

Thus, the raw materials for Lan Ting were still tight.

However, Xiaolan couldnt bear to let Gu Qiqi worry about this matter and didnt tell her about it.

“Silly girl, do you think that I wont know if you dont tell me Ill scoop up more stones for you today!”

When Gu Qiqi said these words to the bathroom mirror, she had already changed into a mans outfit.


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