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Chapter 642: The CEO Had Just Bathed

CEO Liu was sitting at table eight!

Gu Qiqi could smell the hallucinogen in that cup of coffee!

The waiter was definitely reminding them out of kindness.

Indeed, this greasy old man hadnt given up yet…

Gu Qiqi squinted.

“Lets go to the washroom to change first.

Well deal with him when we return later!”

“Okay!” Little Master Xiao Ning rubbed her fists.

When Gu Qiqi turned around and looked at the door again, that familiar figure had already disappeared.

“Why do I feel that that girl just now looks a little like Yun Qiao” she muttered.

Xiao Ning laughed at her.

“Have you gone crazy from thinking about Yun Qiao How can Yun Qiao be here”

In the female washroom.

Gu Qiqi removed her makeup and changed back into female clothing.

Xiao Ning didnt bring any clothes with her to change into, and the wet spot was too embarrassing.

It happened to be the area where her legs reached her navel… Fortunately, the washroom in this five-star hotel had a hairdryer.

She took it off and slowly dried it.

“Ill wait for you outside.” Gu Qiqi walked out of the female washroom.


CEO Liu jogged into the mens washroom.

A second later.

The men in the washroom covered their noses and ran out.

“Why is this person so smelly Could it be that he pulled his pants”


Didnt you see him fart straight after entering”

“Eh Isnt that CEO Liu Its that man who likes to play with little boys.

Have you heard of him He probably cant hold back his defecation… right”

For a moment, everyone guessed.

In the washroom, President Liu was defecating and vomiting.

He collapsed on the toilet and was in so much pain.

It was as if he had lost half his life.

He had really gone for wool and come home shorn!

Gu Qiqi didnt drink his medicine, but he didnt know what he had eaten and drank that had ruined his stomach.

He was indignant!

The little dirty turtle returned with a sly smile to claim credit.

“Master Silver, I followed your instructions and added medicine to his cup.

Its equivalent to drinking a pot of coffee!”

Gu Qiqi smiled lightly.


An eye for an eye.”

As she spoke, a man suddenly rushed out from the crowd that was watching the commotion.

Caught off guard, he bumped into the female washroom.

Gu Qiqi moved aside and remembered that Xiao Ning was still in the female washroom.

How could she let this pervert in

Then, she stretched out her hand and pulled that mans wrist back.

The man turned around and revealed a sinister smile.

“Gu Qiqi, go to hell…”

A sharp scalpel suddenly appeared in his palm!

Gu Qiqis pupils shrank!

It came so unexpectedly that everyone was caught off guard!

She recognized that mans distorted and hateful face!


At the same time, in the presidential suite upstairs.

The doorbell rang three times.

The subordinate reported respectfully outside the door in a low voice, “President, theres a commotion downstairs.

Someone has attacked with a knife.

Your schedule today has been leaked.

We suspect that a S Nation spy has sneaked in.

Do you think our people should take action…”

Gong Sheng walked out of the bathroom in a black bathrobe.

His face was 90% similar to Gong Jues, but it exuded a determined aura.

The mans face was as deep as a pool.

It was as if he wouldnt change his expression even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him.

He wouldnt be moved even if the world was overturned.

That calmness belonged to the leader of this country alone!

No one could tell the slightest emotion from his face!

He was such a superior who didnt allow anyone to spy on him.

He also wouldnt easily reveal any emotions! It was the opposite of Gong Jues simple and crude attitude.

He was too deep and unpredictable.

No one could think of seeing through his emotions.

He had just taken a cold shower and still had a splitting headache.

He turned to look at the kings bed in the room.

The girl who had accidentally been with him for hours had already left…

Only that small stain of dazzling red blood on the bed sheets was especially charming like peach blossoms after the first rain.

Business was important and he had no time to care about anything else.

Gong Sheng said coldly, “Seal the scene and arrest him!”


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