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Chapter 644: Her Poisonous Blood Was Exposed!

The moment the blood spurted onto Director Zhaos face, the mans expression froze.

His face was filled with small and dense wounds.

Once her blood splashed on his face, the wounds quickly absorbed the blood and his entire person revealed a strange expression!

Her eyes bulged and he laughed dryly.


He fell to the ground!

What was different from CEO Lius fainting was that once Director Zhao fell to the ground, his face immediately turned ashen like a corpse.

The guard captain never expected that in a flash, before they could catch anyone, the criminals had already fallen one after another.

He stretched out her hand and checked Director Zhaos breathing.

It had actually stopped!

This person was really dead.

Attacking someone with a knife was a very serious crime to begin with.

He deserved to die.

Gu Qiqi who was attacked was completely in self-defense.

But the problem was…

Gu Qiqi only twisted his wrist and didnt retaliate fatally.

How did this man die

Before he died, he even knocked his head against Gu Qiqi desperately.

It was unknown what sharp object was hidden in his hat that cut through Gu Qiqis skin.

Gu Qiqi was injured, but he was only stained with Gu Qiqis blood…

The guard captain and the surrounding crowd simultaneously stared at Gu Qiqi with complicated expressions…

A group of reporters suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Some people took photos wildly with their cameras.

Some people raised microphones and held small booklets as they asked loudly,

“Miss, what feud do you have with the deceased Why did you insist on killing him”

“Miss, I saw that you deliberately smeared the blood on the deceased just now.

Is it because your blood is special and can injure people”

“Please tell us.

Was the deceased poisoned by your blood”

“Are you from the Empire Whats so special about your blood”

“What schemes do you have against the Empire I heard that Mr.

President invited foreign guests to the Empire State Building today.

Do you have any intentions…”

These reporters questions became sharper.

Initially, the surrounding people only suspected Gu Qiqis blood a little.

After being guided by this, everyone looked at Gu Qiqi with fear in their eyes.

Could this woman be a monster She could kill with her blood

She was a biological weapon modified by another country

Are you here to assassinate our President

Or was she here to cause trouble for civilians like them

Fear was like an infectious disease.

Once it flared up, it was difficult to control!

The crowd became restless.

They pushed and squeezed as they shouted chaotically with the reporters.

“Catch this woman!”

“Shes a monster!”

“Shes poisonous!”

“Kill her!”

The guard captain didnt expect that the situation would suddenly turn around like this.

Initially, he thought that the criminal wasnt a foreign spy, nor was he here to sneak an attack on the president.

Furthermore, he died on the spot.

Then, he could take it as an ordinary case and send him to the police station.

He didnt expect that the real danger was this little girl who had been attacked!

It was difficult to control the crazy crowd.

He dug out his walkie-talkie and cautiously and quickly summoned reinforcements.

“Requesting support.

Requesting support.

Everyone gather on the first floor! Seal the hotel! Transfer the experts from the news office to deal with the media!”

Regardless of whether the reporters were holding onto the truth or not, this girl had already caused the citizens to panic.

He had to arrest this girl.

Otherwise, if it caused a more serious conflict or rumor, he wouldnt be able to explain it to the President!

After all, the President had just taken office.

The stability of the situation was the most important thing.

The presidential guards mobility was super strong.

They werent inferior to Gong Jues Iron Blood Thirteen Cavalry.

In an instant, the crowd was separated.

Those clamoring reporters were “invited” into a suite.

A professional news expert was executing the gag order.

Gu Qiqi had to be separately dealt with.

The guard captain walked to her personally.

“Miss, you have to come with me.”


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