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Chapter 662: Choosing A Woman or The World

In the presidential conference room.

Gong Jue set up an array formation on the sand table.

The Empire was golden, while S Nation and X Nation were black.

The golden robot model was like a dazzling ray of sunlight that surrounded the black enemy firmly north of the northern mountain range.

It protected the safety of the Empire and prevented the enemy from stepping into the country.

He placed the last chess piece down and said with a strong aura, “Just follow my strategy and use my intelligent robot.

Those bastards wont be able to do anything! I dont have time to talk to you.

Hurry up and bring my woman over.

What kind of tortoise efficiency does your presidential palace have Why did it take so long to bring someone over!”

Gong Sheng was silent.

Gong Jue looked up and met his complicated gaze.

Gong Jue gradually became vigilant.

A bad thought rose in his heart.

“D*mn it, Gong Sheng, you b*stard.

Are you hiding from me and trying to cheat me Ill guard the country for you while you cut off my escape route”

Gong Sheng pinched his glabella.

In the entire world, only his unscrupulous brother would dare to shout at him and say that he was a “b*stard”.

However, he had used some tricks to delay Gong Jue and ordered his subordinates to interrogate Gu Qiqi.

He had nothing to argue with.

Gong Jue was right.

He charged ahead while he cruelly cut off his retreat route and ordered people to deal with his woman.

But… he had to deal with that woman!

Gong Shengs eyes darkened.

He suppressed his tone and placed the blood test report in front of Gong Jue.

“Look for yourself.

Its not that Im not letting her go, but the evidence is right here.

Shes indeed a vicious person.

Think about it from another perspective.

If you sit in my position and you are the president, can you ignore your conscience and only consider your own family Can you disregard the safety of the citizens and casually let a vicious person out”

Gong Jue glanced at it in annoyance and immediately exploded.

He slammed the table.

The table that had been cracked by him previously was completely broken now!

The teacups, microphones, documents on the table… They shattered and rolled on the ground.

Gong Jue kicked away the chair and stood up.

His angry face carried a cold aura.

“Gong Sheng, have you gone to my head with your scheming What is this nonsense about changing positions and me being the present president I respect you and call you Brother.

If I dont care about you, youre nothing! Let me tell you, no matter how big the world is, its not as important as her.

If a man cant protect his woman, how can he protect the world! I, Gong Jue, risked my life to protect the Empire because I dont want to throw my woman into the tigers den!”

There was a crack in Gong Shengs expresion.

Gong Jues words were rough, but his emotions were intense and sincere, causing people to be moved.

Even someone as calm as him could not help but be moved.

However, he still said coldly in the end, “But shes poisonous.”

No matter what, she was ultimately toxic.

She was unfavorable to her country and the world.

Thus, no matter what emotions he had, he couldnt show sympathy.

Adults shouldnt be emotional.

“Gong Sheng, youre a f*cking machine! No, youre even inferior to the intelligent robots under me! Ive finally seen through you today!” Gong Jue said ruthlessly, “One day, when your woman is caught, I want to see if you can also talk about the world in a dignified manner and use her life to exchange for peace!”

Gong Sheng was speechless.

Perhaps there was no need to worry about this because to worry about this complicated problem, there had to be a woman first.

Then, they could talk about choices.

Right now, he only had his country and his people.

Perhaps Gong Jue was right.

He was a machine without emotions.


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