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Chapter 663: An Expert Who Played A Pig To Eat A Tiger!

Gong Jue slammed the door shut and left.

Before he left, he said something even more ruthless, “Gong Sheng, you better pray that shes fine.

Otherwise, Ill f*ck up your family and country!”

That uncontrollable violent aura and the coldness in his eyes made Gong Sheng feel that this younger brother was really unfamiliar for a moment.

That wasnt his younger brother.

That was simply a fierce beast whose cubs had been snatched away in the jungle!

Where did that cold and heartless chief of the Empire go

He started to feel a little curious.

What kind of person was that woman who changed Gong Jue

Could it be that not only was she carrying poison on her, but she also had knockout powder on her

After Gong Jue left, Gong Sheng tugged at his tie.

Although the scheming plan succeeded, he wasnt happy at all.

Thinking about the knockout powder, the ridiculous things that happened in the presidential suite at the Empire State Building in the evening couldnt help but surface in his mind…

He definitely couldnt be swayed by a woman like Gong Jue.

Furthermore, he couldnt abandon his familys business for a woman.

He had to solve this accidental problem quickly.

He couldnt let this woman change the trajectory of his life at all and affect any of his decisions.

He picked up his phone and called Head Secretary Zhong.

“The waiter who went to the presidential suite in the afternoon to deliver coffee.

Find her and deal with her.”

It was concise.

Head Secretary Zhong had always been by his side.

Even his room was in the entourage room next to the presidential suite.

Thus, he knew about what happened in the afternoon.

Upon hearing this, he immediately nodded professionally.

“Yes, Ill do it immediately.

After finding that girl, should I report her details to you first”

Gong Sheng was silent for a second.

Then, he ordered without any emotions.

“Theres no need.”


In the First Prison.

Prison Cell Number 8.

Gu Qiqi was strutting out of the open cell door.

Gong Jue was aggressive as he kicked away the bodyguards and jailers blocking the way in the presidential palace and barged into the cell.

The two of them bumped into each other!

Gong Jue was furious.

The moment he saw Gu Qiqi, he gave her a strong hug.

He wanted to hug her immediately!

“Stupid woman, what did they do to you”

Even the drug test report was out so quickly.

With Gu Qiqis personality, she would definitely not agree to the other partys blood test so easily.

Presumably, Gong Shengs people had done something

Hmph, you dare to use tricks on my woman Ill return it tenfold!

Gong Jues voice was filled with a cold aura.

Although he had not stepped into the cell yet, Bai Mori and the prison guards who had fallen in the cell at this moment could clearly and deeply feel that powerful aura filled with murderous intent.

Master Jue was here!

Master Jue, quickly come in and see what kind of cripples your woman has turned us into We havent done anything to her at all.

You must see it with your own eyes!

Your woman is a little demon.

Wherever she goes, she can cause us to collapse without even making a move!

However, they didnt have the chance to voice the sadness and anticipation in their hearts.

In the very next second, Gu Qiqi struck first!

Her soft and sticky voice was like the most moving and adorable wood thrush in the forest.

She complained word by word impolitely.

“Theyre arresting people randomly! Theyre slandering me for having poison in my blood!”

“Theyre injecting me with random things.

Look, what a big needle!”

“They want me to admit defeat.

Look, my face is swollen and my hands are green!”

“They clearly didnt die after being stained with my blood, but they insisted on sending a fake report to the president to deceive everyone!”

“Oh right, they also said that my boyfriend is too ugly, and no one wants me even if he lets me out.

They said I deserve to go to prison for the rest of my life and be a guinea pig for them to get injections every day…”


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