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Chapter 676: Hurry Up and Go Home to Make A Child!

Gu Qiqi was convinced by Gong Jues godly logic.

She still wanted to reject it, but Gong Jues long fingers moved and he opened the small box directly.

She wasnt prepared.

Her pupils immediately shrank and her eyes were pierced by the gorgeous light.

When she opened her eyes again and saw what was in the small box, she was speechless.

How could this be a casual gift

Grandpa Gong, are you sure youre not teasing me

A luxurious blood diamond was quietly lying in the box.

It was estimated to be an 18-carat pigeon egg.

The cutting was perfect.

Countless exquisite cuts reflected light, making this blood diamond as dazzling as a small sun.

Diamonds were common, but red blood diamonds were rare.

Grandpa Gong even said that he was just fooling around with such an expensive greeting gift!

Gu Qiqis lips moved, but before she could reject him…

The little dirty turtle was already pleading excitedly.

“Master, Master, I beg you.

Please accept it.

The red and orange gems are most suitable for us to upgrade.

Furthermore, its such a big one.

Keep it.

I know that you dont like to wear jewelry.

If we dont wear it, well use it to absorb spiritual energy, okay If theres no other way, you can throw it back to them when you kick Master Jue to the curb…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Would Grandpa Gong vomit blood if he knew the truth

At this moment, Gong Qing was even more excited than the little dirty turtle.

When he saw this blood diamond clearly, he felt terrible.

He glared at Old Master Gong angrily.

“Isnt this our Gong familys heirloom Why didnt you take it out when I got married back then!”

Old Master Gongs expression didnt change.

He looked elsewhere.

“Now that Ive given it to Jueers wife, we have the same goal…”

What! They were clearly irreconcilable!

Gong Qing was going to explode! He was really going to explode!

Songsong stabilized her husband and hurriedly tried to smooth things over.

“Today, Im glad Jueer could bring Young Lady Qiqi home.

Were very happy to meet such a simple and kind girl.

As its too late and we didnt receive her well in the middle of the night, can we arrange a time to officially meet next time I hope that Young Lady Qiqi wont mind.”

As she spoke, she suddenly gave Gong Jue a look and told him to stop while he was ahead and not agitate Gong Qing anymore.

It would be counterproductive if the medicine was too strong.

Gong Jue squinted.

Anyway, he was only here to announce his wife tonight.

He didnt expect his family to agree immediately.

It was already a very unexpected gain to have her grandfather take out his family heirloom and change her mothers mind.

As for that stubborn tsundere… Hmph, lets leave him hanging first!

“Stupid woman, lets go.” Gong Jue naturally wrapped his arm around Gu Qiqis small waist and prepared to take his leave.

Old Master Gong was still waiting anxiously.

“Thats right, thats right.

Go back early.

Hurry up and sleep together so that you can make a child.

Come back carrying a fat granddaughter for me as soon as possible.”

Gu Qiqis lips twitched.

Grandpa Gong was really old at heart.

He actually said such shameless words and told them to take advantage of the time to sleep together and make a baby without batting an eyelid!

These words really made Gu Qiqi feel a little embarrassed, and she didnt think too deeply about his words.

She also didnt specially think about why he had to have a little granddaughter and not a little grandson.

Seeing that Gong Jue was pretending to be obedient after gaining an advantage, he wanted to pull Gu Qiqi away.

Gong Qing finally couldnt tolerate it anymore and exploded..

With a cold face, he said meaningfully, “What innocent and kind Which innocent and kind girl would be so thick-skinned to take away someone elses family heirloom on her first visit without being recognized”


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