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Gong Jues face darkened.

At the thought that Gu Qiqi had become Old Master Gongs god-granddaughter and his own god-sister, he felt terrible.


That cold aura made Gu Qiqi feel that if she accepted this blood diamond, Gong Jue would tear her into pieces!




When she looked up and met Old Master Gongs eager and benevolent gaze, she thought of how Old Master Gong said aggrievedly, “If you dont take it, youll think that Im ugly.” She was simply in a dilemma.


Rubbing her temples, Gu Qiqi sighed lightly.

“Alright, Master Gong.

Ill safeguard it for now.”


Between an old man who was nearly 80 years old and the rich and powerful three year old Gong, she felt that it was more rational to coax the old man first.


Just like between a girl and a handsome man, she would choose to coax the girl first!


Once Gu Qiqis words fell, Gong Jues aura became even colder!


Gong Qing laughed in disdain.

“I wasnt wrong, right This girl really cant hide her greedy ambitions! How many girls in the world can resist such a temptation with a blood diamond It would be a miracle to believe your nonsense about men and money previously!”


His arrogant and stubborn look returned to his body in a second.


Gu Qiqi didnt oppose him anymore.

She didnt even bother with him anymore.

Instead, she turned to Master Gong and said softly, “Grandpa Gong, Ive accepted your gift.

I hope that you can return the favor and accept my gift.”


“Oh Young Lady Qiqis gift Sure, sure, sure.

Ill definitely accept it.” Old Master Gong was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth.


He was more or less a little proud of himself.

Such a beautiful and cute girl had come to the door, but he did not give her a gift.

Instead, she gave him, this old man, a gift.

It was simply too embarrassing.


“Hmph, pretending to be obedient and trying to be clever! After taking the blood diamond, I want to see if she has the cheek to give him a shabby gift!” Gong Qing couldnt help but look at her coldly.


Songsong couldnt stand her husband anymore and said in annoyance, “Cut it out!”


Gong Qing didnt say anything after being reprimanded by his wife, but he still looked down on Gu Qiqi in disdain.


He felt that as a poor student, it was impossible for her to give a valuable gift.


Even if she could take something out, she must have swiped his sons card to buy it.

What kind of ability was that!


Unexpectedly, Gu Qiqi asked a completely unrelated question in the very next second.

“Master Gong, when did your leg become paralyzed”


“Oh, its been so many years.

Twenty years Or twenty-five years That was when Jueer and Shenger were young…” Master Gong said in frustration.


He had also made many mistakes when he was young.

Perhaps the heavens wanted to collect interest in the end so that he could only spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


“How did the doctor diagnose it”


“Oh, I saw many experts.

They all said that it was joint necrosis.

If I was younger, I could have undergone an operation to replace an artificial joint.

But Im too old.

The risk of failing the operation is too high.

I can only make do with my broken body.

Qiqi, thank you for caring about this old man.

Its fine.

I wont have any regrets when I see you get married and have children…”


“Grandpa Gong, what if I can cure you”


Gu Qiqis faint question shocked the other four people present.

Their hearts skipped a beat.


Old Master Gongs illness had already been diagnosed by many experts.


His joints were necrotic and he was too old to undergo surgery.

Even if he underwent surgery, the artificial joints might not be compatible with the bones and muscles in his original body.

Once there was a rejection reaction, it would be more dangerous for his life.


No one dared to perform such a surgery!


Thus, none of the experts who had examined Old Master Gongs illness could suggest an effective treatment plan.

They could only maintain the current situation and let him move in a wheelchair.


Now, a brat like Gu Qiqi—a student who had just entered medical school—actually said that she could treat Old Master Gongs difficult illness.

Wasnt this a joke


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