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Chapter 681: Laughing Like A Pig

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Gong Qing was the first to object sternly.

“Nonsense! Its fine if you, a vixen, spread rumors outside, but you actually even lied to our Gong family.

Who gave you the guts! Dont think that just because the Old Master gave you a diamond, you can fool him as you please!”

Songsong tugged at him.


“Dont speak up for this vixen this time! Its fine if she harmed the younger one, but now, she even wants to harm the older one.

Does she have a feud with our Gong family Does she have to cause trouble for our family before letting us go”

Songsong was speechless.

She didnt know how to persuade her husband anymore because she couldnt even persuade herself.

It wasnt that she didnt believe Qiqi, but her words were indeed too boastful!

Old Master Gongs illness was really difficult to treat!

Back then, she was the clearest about his process of seeking treatment.

Not only did she and her husband find top experts both domestically and overseas, they even sought help from the top specialists in the empire.

For example, the legendary daughter of the Nalan family, Nalan Xiner, and the Dongfang familys Young Master Dongfang.

However, the final answer they received was that the old mans life was over.

If they forcefully used their special abilities to save him, it would only cause an even greater backlash.

The consequences were unimaginable, so they could not casually use their special abilities.

Even top-notch medical experts and people with hidden powers couldnt cure this illness.

How could Young Lady Qiqi, a student, have a solution

It wasnt that Songsong didnt want to believe her, but the possibility was almost zero.

Gong Jues reaction when he heard Gu Qiqis words was different from theirs.

He frowned and asked her in a low voice, “Are you really confident in treating Grandpas illness”

Gu Qiqi nodded.

“No doctor will promise a hundred percent to a patient but Im willing to promise Grandpa Gong.

The premise is that Grandpa has to believe me.

Without trust from both sides, its impossible to treat him.”

Gong Jue turned around and asked Old Master Gong, “Grandpa, are you willing to let Qiqi try”

“Gong Jue, are you crazy This woman is fooling around, but youre fooling around too” Gong Qing was furious.

Gong Jue ignored him and held Gu Qiqis small hand directly.

“If my leg is broken, Im willing to believe her and let her treat me.

Shes very talented in medicine and never promises anything casually.

Once she promises something, she must have complete confidence.

I believe her.”

I believe her!

These words made Gu Qiqis eyes sting.

She had always felt that Gong Jue was arrogant and conceited.

He only treated her as a brat and reprimanded her every now and then like he was scolding a new recruit.

Occasionally, he would even hit her small buttocks because she wasnt obedient.

She never expected that Gong Jue would actually have such a high opinion of her and trust her so much in his heart.

This man was so unexpectedly touching!

In the very next second!

“Anyway, his legs are already crippled.

No matter how lousy her skills are, its impossible for her to make his legs more lame,” Gong Jue added coldly.

Gu Qiqis lips twitched.

How heartbreaking.

Damn it! Would you die if I stabbed you Stupid man!

It turns out that you dont really trust me because Grandpas legs cant be crippled any further, right

She really wanted to bite him to death.

Could she take back those feelings of being touched just now!

In the corner, the little dirty turtle secretly laughed like a pig.

“…!” Master Jue, Master Jue, youre still the awesome one! Youve already told the truth, but your father will definitely be speechless!

In fact, Gong Qing was already stunned.

His son had already used his crippled leg as a metaphor..

What else could he say


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